RNY to RNY Revision so far

Aug 23, 2018

I had my revision on August 9th. It was a 6 hour surgery because I had mesh and clips embedded into my intestines and liver from the original surgery and a lot of scar tissue.  They actually left some of it in because it would be too much to get it all out and it hasn't bothered me in 19 years, so, guess it won't! 

I am doing well revovering. Only pulled port site a bit when I vomited a few times.I had French onion soup with no bread or cheese and even though they were small onions, they got stuck. I can't get sick like I used to. Nothing really comes up and it hurt a lot. I ended up drinking hot coffee and taking papaya and by the next day, it was down. Uncomfortable though. The site that hurt was a few inches to the left of my belly button and when I tried to get up or move a certain way, it felt like I was being stabbed through to my back. My back still hurts there too. Went to see Physicians Assistant and he gave me a few days worth of muscle relaxers. Not a big help honestly. I'm taking Tylenol. 

The process has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I had a sad day where I mourned the foods I will not be able to enjoy and the feeling of satiety that I felt after eating a big meal. I won't be able to go to a restaurant and eat a nice meal. Forget Thanksgiving. Yes, I can eat. But, 4 ounces is so small that its just a few bites. I guess I will put it in my little containers and freeze it and have the good food for weeks instead of a day.  Not going to lie though.  I used to eat until I had that full feeling and it was like a baby wrapped in a blanket- so comfy and warm. I couldn't sleep without a full stomach and would wake to eat something every night and fall back asleep so soundly. 

But, I did this to myself. I asked for it. And I am trying to focus on why. My health. My children. To do all the things I couldn't.  I enjoyed eating to the max for 44 years but its over. There is so much more than food. 

And ps. Sugar free pudding with protein powder in it and heavy whipped cream is awesome. Chicken, bacon and applesauce pureed is really great too. ????


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