Apr 02, 2007

I took a nap on our loveseat yesterday afternoon...  lying NEXT TO my husband!  I haven't been able to do that in YEARS.  I can't even remember the last time.
I had on a pair of size 16M Lee jeans yesterday.  It's the only size 16 I can get into, I'm mostly in 18s.  But I wore them, and not uncomfortably!  I was a size 26/28 just 5 months ago.

Stepping it up

Mar 19, 2007

Spent 45 minutes on my Dance Dance Revolution last night. Whew! My legs are tired today but I think a good part of that can be attributed to the 90 minute bird watching walk we took on Saturday with some friends. I was sore after that walk because I didn't wear good shoes. Well, they were good shoes, just not good for walking down a long and rocky dirt road or the grassy, bumpy edge of the pond! LOL

I'm going to try to do 45 minutes on my DDR every night until the 30th of March. That is my wedding anniversary. I would LOVE to weigh 200 on the 30th of March, but that is 8 1/2 pounds away. If I can do it, that will be 81 pounds lost since starting this program. I'm not going to change my eating more than I already have, but I'm really going to up the exercise these next couple of weeks!

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