The Waiting Game

Aug 28, 2013

Well, here it is nearing September and I thought I would be looking forward to surgery in September or October.   Instead, I am off to meet a new surgeon Sept. 20th.   I had initially started my journey July 18th with the seminar, followed by the consultation July 25th.  I completed the psych, fitness and nutrition evals required by my insurance only to have to start over, somewhat.  My husbands new job's insurance will cover the surgery 100%, where mine only covers 80% and I had a 2200.00 out of pocket cost.  So, It's pretty much a no brainer to go with the 100% coverage (after researching the clinic/staff/surgeon) and a reputable clinic.  The cons:  instead of being in the city I live, the clinic is about 50 miles away.  Not bad, and my bestie lives there so we can have girl days when I need to travel there.   Also, I think I am going to have to do a 6 month doctor monitored diet.  I am going to try like mad to see if the Weight Watcher documentation and doctor visits' notes will pass.   But this will push me out to March, at the earliest.  I am really bummed about it....I have been researching, interviewing, you tube vlog watching, for a couple years and am beyond ready.  I have quit smoking (a year in October) and on my third week with no soda or any carbonation. 


But, whatever will be, will be....right?   I just need to focus on continuing to kick butt in the gym-build that muscle!  As well, as adopting more and more healthy habits.  


Peace and Love!



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