Bad News..

Dec 30, 2010

I received a call two days ago from the hospital my doctor works at and they were calling to cancel my appointment for the 13Th.... Reason being that their Bariatric Unit has been discontinued.. wtf? How can a hospital just decide one day to discontinue a huge part of their hospital.. I don't know what to do now.. Yes I can go to a different surgeon.. and a different hospital but that would mean Id have to start over.. I guess its better to just start over than to just quit.. Does anyone have any recommendations on hospitals or surgeons in the Upstate New York areas? If so, please let me know.. :(

The Start.

Dec 07, 2010

On November 29Th I went to my first doctors visit.
There was a group seminar and then an individual meeting with the surgeon.
Found out that my primary doctor that Ive been going to for the past two years didn't document anything we have done.
So in order for my insurance to even think about approving me I have to start a twelve month doctor monitored diet.
So that gives me a min. time of at least twelve months before I can get this surgery.
My surgeon seemed very upset at my primary doctors actions.. I was upset as well..
He is sending me to the nutritionist and the therapist on January 13Th.
This is pretty much a waiting game for me, to get the required time in that is needed for my insurance company to approve me.
My surgeon set a goal for me to get down to 400 pounds before twelve months is up.
That is a reasonable amount.
I do have to say though, that even though its twelve months away.. I'm still scared.
Of course in the group seminar the surgeon explained all the bad things that could go wrong with the surgery..
All the complications and such have made me even more scared..
Of course I already knew them, but actually hearing them from the doctor... It made them real!
Id love to meet some people who are on this "journey" with me.. or who have already been through the surgery..
:) I'm an open book.
Talk to me.
I'm hear to listen, and I hope there's someone out there who is willing to listen as well.

I hope everyone had a great day! <3 :)


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