156 llbs

Nov 13, 2007

So, Its been a long time since I have updated

Today I am starting to train with a trainer

I have been salsa dancing every week and have become really good at it, I cant even believe i dance and move the way i do -- i would never have thought -- I am latina so it was in there all along, just hiding...

My boyfriend and I broke up several months ago and i have been struggling with emotional eating ... TODAY I AM PUTTING AN END TO IT! (we still live together, very very difficult)

I was down at one point to 135 llbs, but bounced back up to a steady 156, y goal is to lose 8 llbs and remain under 150 llbs. I am a size 6 or 7 or small or medium top, I want to stay under 150, but think because I have been exercising so much coupled with some bad food I have gained muscle and therefor weight!

Anyway -- it will always be a battle!

7 months out - 100 llbs down

Mar 05, 2007

Hey you all - I am officially at my goal weight!!!!

My goal was to go from 277 to 170llbs -- AND I AM THERE!! boooyyaa

I wish i would have been better with keeping posted, for the sake of those investigating the surgery, but this IS the best thing i've ever done.


I do find myself often falling into bad habits, but i stop myself and reflect then put the snickers bar down lol

I exercise about 5 days a week -- I dance/train 3 times weekly for 3 hours at a time its hard, but wrth it.

I went from a size 24 - lane bryant size to a 11/12 in GAP lol, what a dream i have never ever been able to wear GAP, EVER!!!

Now, the downsides -- I don't dump-- i can eat whatever i want, but i refuse to even try rice, pasta or bread -- dont wanna go there/get addicted no sir-eeeeee

I have lost a LOT of hair, it has gotton very very thin -- i wash my hair once a week so i can stop it all from falling out because in the shower it comes out in CLUMPS -- i mean like fist fulls to no exaggerations -- I am starting to see it really really thin out in the front -- it freaking sucks!

I spent sept/oct in the hospital from being light headed and falling - to this day (yes even today i got dizzy and thought i was gonna pass out)
its from the severe animia... which i am tring to be better with my vitamins. 

Anyway, wanted to update now that i reached goal i am gonna try to stay updating

Bless you!

From the Beginning

Mar 05, 2007

Hello! I am looking to have lap RNY and am currently awaiting insurance approval. Joining this website is a big step for me, it's actually admitting I have an issue with food to someone other then my family or doctors. (I feel like I am in AA, but I guess it is just as severe as AA, excessively eating will kill you just as fast as alcohol.)

But, anyway I am a senior in college and have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was in 8th grade wearing a 16 and in 11th grade wearing a 22. I was multiplying. When I graduated HS I took diet pills and worked out like a maniac and lost 80 lbs! But when I thought it was okay to eat again I gained it all back and now I am at my biggest weight ever. 270lbs.

My mother had the surgery and has gone from a 22/24 to a 9/10 she looks amazing, but she's had a lot of complications including going in for a 2nd surgery. Despite all of the complications she's faced she does not regret it for half a minute. Hence why I started monitoring this website. She said she is one of the unlucky few who has had the complications she had and I wanted to see what other peoples experiences have been like.

I went back and forth for which procedure I wanted, the band or bypass and ultimately decided I need a little dumping syndrome in my life lol.. I need to be reminded fired chicken and French fries is NOT a balanced meal.

I will update soon when and if insurance approves me.

Wish me luck!

7/11/06 - Today I was given a date --- Drum roll please... It's July 31st!!!!

My surgery has been pushed back a week due to complications in scheduling and such so, my new date is August 7, 2006.
I will update after surgery.

So surgery is in 2 days and I started my liquid diet today. My boyfriend and I went to a beautiful resteraunt last night and had my LAST SUPPER haha. Today he ate the left overs of our steak and I didn't even want it and I HAVENT EVEN HAD SURGERY YET. I didnt want it because I know if I do want it after surgery I will only get sick, so it's not worth it.
Despite not WANTING to eat I AM SO HUNGRY and starting to get nervous.

Okay so, It's 1 minute until 12am. The liquid diet has not been easy - if you're looking for an easy way to lose weight THIS IS NOT IT! It's emotional pain as much as the physical of being hungry. BUT as of tomorrow hopefully I won't feel hunger until my eating behaviors have truly changed - I would love to be one of those health nutty people who exercise and eat nuts all day long lol. As far as what I am thinking about surgery I am not scared OF THE SURGERY i believe Jesus will have his hand tightly over my body. What I am scared of is my WANTING to eat after surgery. Because I've been struggling with that right now as I've been liquids for the past 2 days. I pray to God that He will just take away the demons that have held me for the past 21 years regarding my addiction and desires for food.
Tomorrow marks a new day. I know it will be hard I just hope I can be as prepared as I need to be and right now I feel as if I can really have NO IDEA until it's done even though I've watched my mom
Ciao for now!

Okay, So I had surgery on the 7th, It was a really difficult experiance (mind you I am going to be brutally honest)...When I went in for surgery it was 9:30 when I came out I saw a clock and it was close to 3pm and I knew something had went wrong it was supossed to be 2 hours max. It turned out they had a hard time seeing around and really had to pump me with air to see. I ended up in the hospital for 12 days obviously just a BIT more time then I thought!... Heres why

I had gas that wouldnt come out! They were worried about it because after 4 days it refused to move, and I was having terrible waves of nausia and discomfort. Finally they decided to put a cathyder(sp) in my stomach to suck out the gas... Now, This was the worst part of the whole experiance. I was awake and it was EXTREMELY painful!

Now, 3 weeks out I am home, with my follow up visit tomorrow, but I still have a tube sticking out and hanging from my stomach!
pretty gross.... I have to let it drain every 6 hours and its the most uncomfortable part of the surgery thus far..., But Jesus will prevail and I have lost 19 llbs in just 3 weeks.

As far as the liquids... I am tolerating pretty well. I enjoy ICED COLD WATER, sf lemonaide by 4c, chicken broth on occassion, then theres the protein shakes... I tolerate them and they don't really taste awefull, but for some reason I dread them.... It takes a good 2 hours to finish a 20g shake with 4 oz of milk (makes about 36g of protein) then a bit of fruit here and there blended with it. They are HARD to drink....

For all of those who thought it would be easy, by God its the hardest thing I've ever done, but I trust God it will be the best!.

School starts next week and I am afraid I will be dropping a bunch of credits or may just take medical leave... Pray for the best...


My Weight Loss Goals:

* To be proud of my body
* To not feel like I need a big purse or jacket to cover my stomach when I go out
* To walk up stairs and not be winded
* To feel comfortable in a gym
* To not have back/ankle pains
* To not feel the back fat when I sit down (or stand-up)
* To get a piggyback ride from my boyfriend (never had one in my life)
* To not overlap a normal sized seat
* To be below 200lbs
* To buy a halter dress
* To change my love of food for a love of exercise
* To not worry about what fits me
* To have one chin ( I NEVER, I mean EVER have)
* To take Salsa lessons and feel energetic
* Give away my Fat clothes
* For me to never question this surgery
* To borrow a shirt from my sister (maybe, she is 6 inches shorter)
* To run a marathon, any marathon
* To swim, every week
* To go back to Crunch and yea, show off : p
* To wear a skirt above my knees with heels
* For my family to not be able to call me fat
* Never drink soda again
* Feel like I make my Bf proud
* Feel confident in interviews and meetings
* Fit in my brown tankini
* Retake all the pictures in Jamaica I refused to keep at 277lbs
* Be thankful to the Lord everyday, for my new chance at life!

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