~Tooter - the Droopy Witch 14 years, 4 months ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you have a grand day! Hugs, Toots

~Tooter - the Droopy Witch 15 years ago

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here's hoping life is all you want it to be! Hugs, Toots

Ruth S. 15 years ago

I saw on the site that you have reached your anniversary date. Congratulations. I'm 3 1/2 post ops and it was encouraging to hear your story. It's interesting to hear about the different stories. Interestingly enough I didn't see a pysch person. It said I had to but no one pushed for it. Also when I was ready for surgery Dr. O asked if I was sure/ready for this - that's it. I said YES! And he left. I didn't wake up til I was in my room, don't remember anything during that time. My NG tube was in me til I left (wed-friday surgery). I didn't feel any pain at all..only that horrible NG tube that was most uncomfortable. The nurses were great but they kept coming in the check my sugar levels and giving me insulin - but that was okay - they kept me alive. I have followed the Walking regime and he visited me the next day. I'm doing okay so far down 61 or so for 3 months so that's not bad. Anyway, I just want to congratulate on your first anniversary! Keep it up.

incognitodawn 15 years, 2 months ago

Betty, I know your sick of hearing it, but DANG girl, you look so good! I remember sitting with you in ICU less than a year ago, and you were struggling to breathe, crying, and thinking you made a mistake! Now look at you! I am so happy to see you set free from all that caused you so much misery! You go girl!

~Tooter - the Droopy Witch 15 years, 6 months ago

Congrats on making the century club! You've come far! Hugs, Toots

incognitodawn 16 years ago

Betty had her surgery on Tuesday, she went into ICU around 6 PM Tuesday night with heart rate complications. She stabilized, and was released to go home on Thursday, only three days after surgery!! She is doing well, got out of her house today for a visit, and sipping lots of liquids. Her staples look very neat, and they seem to be healing well, its a very good job by Dr. Overcash, and the scar should be rather subtle. We love you Betty!! Dawn

Frances C. 16 years ago

Hope you the best I am waiting to schedule my surgery so good luck with your new life hope to join you soon

BECCA775 16 years ago

I talked to Betty a little while ago. She is ICU due to some minor complications but she is feeling better! Soon this will all be beind you Betty and you can get on with your healthier, happier, and thinner life! I am thinking of you! :)

fairytailva 16 years ago

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

Ms.Judy 16 years ago

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