I am 54 years old.  About 8 years I wanted this surgery ... went through the entire process and my insurance said NO WAY.  I pushed and pushed, but the insurance said absolutely NO.  About 3 years ago I tried again and again they said NO.  Last year we got a different insurance carrier, I was hopeful, but they said NO.  After seeing friend after friend having this surgery and getting on with their new life I knew I had to take care of business myself.  So I looked into surgery in my hometown of Duluth MN, the price to pay yourself I was quote - $45,000.  Well, who the heck can afford that!  Not me!  I decided maybe Mexico was the place to go then.  While online, I saw that 2-1/2 hours away from me at a well known Bariatric Excellence Hospital in Minneapolis the price would be less than half that.  I called, made my appointments, and got my surgery date of Monday, January 28, 2013.  It's expensive, something I know we really can't afford, but can we afford me to die early?  Days go by that I wonder why I couldn't do this on my own, especially when you see these dang commercials that make it sound so easy to lose weight.  I know that I tried every thing I could to lose weight ... every tool that's out there I tried.  My husband and family supports me totally doing this so I'm bitting the bullet and spending the money.  It's just one more stress to think about on top of the actual surgery but I'm going to ignore that for now and focus on getting healthy.  I love this site and love reading everyone's story. 

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