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Dec 09, 2020

I had a barium swallow today, 7 years after my first VSG. I have a hiatal hernia and my pouch is bulging at the bottom -- so it looks like a sleeve with a tennis ball at the end. I'm getting resleeved tomorrow.

The VSG was the best thing I ever did. I lost 150lb and maintained a 140lb weight loss for 5.5 years. But inevitably, the restriction loosens so much that keeping that 600-800 calorie diet is very, very difficult. Those slender models and actresses eat 250-800 calorie diets to stay ultra trim -- it's difficult with a regular stomach and difficult with a loosened-restriction VSG. For the last 1.5 years I've struggled with a 20lb regain and then losing it only to regain 30 more lb. Without restriction, I'm just on another diet. When we beat ourselves up for failing our sleeve, are we taking itno consideration that the sleeve has a time limit on it? It's not for life. I will bet that if more people wrote about their lives 5+ years out from VSG surgery (not DS or RNY, I'm just talking about VSG), you will hear about regain and dieting. To me, this isn't a failed sleeve or you failing your sleeve, it's that your sleeve needs an adjustment.

I'm 7 years out and getting my resleeve tomorrow. I'm so excited! 



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