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"I had my surgery May 4, 2006. I weighed 274 lbs. and wore a size 24. It has now been a lil over a year and I am down to a size 3 and weigh an amazing 124 lbs. Although I had a tough time the first 6-8 months its all worth it at the end. I dont have diabetes or hypertnsion anymore and a lot less back pain. My surgeon (Dr Coates) was great and so is his staff. They are very coopertive and help answer questions. I luv the Dr's PA Diane, she is awesome and very attentive. I am able to enjoy life and my kids a lot more now. It's so much easier to find clothes especially on sale. Its hard to imagine that 1yr ago I was in such agony and pain, emotionally and physically. I was very lucky not to have all the droopy skin after this surgery, but regardless nothing a little plastic surgery cant fix. I recommend the surgery to anyone who is thinking about it that is eligible for it and might be having second thoughts about it. We are more at risk being morbidly obese then going thru the actual procedure. This surgery will definately change your life! It did mine! Thank You Dr. Coates and all your staff."
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