this site has been such a great help to me. all of the comments i've read have given me a REAL view of what it would be like and has helped me through my first week post-op.

I started looking into WLS in Jan. 2011 after finding out that i had a hiatal hernia. After speaking with different people i found that most surgeons could perform any WLS procedure while repairing the hernia. So i went to a seminar. I guess you could say i was in denial that i was MORBIDLY obese because i would always get compliments on the way i dressed but my blood pressure was constantly climbing and comorbidities were piling on. So i made up my mind that I wanted to be healthy and that the SLEEVE would be the tool i would use to get there.

So here i am... 9 days out from surgery. feeling better by the day. i'll be posting pics soon of my journey. AS SOON AS I FIGURE THIS SITE OUT! lol

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