I am 30 year old mother of two.  My weight problem started around the age of twelve.  When I was thirteen my mother put me on Weight Watchers.  I lost twenty pounds over that summer, but that weight loss started even a bigger problem.  Every time I dieted I would follow it with weight gain that exceeded  the amount I had lost.  I would be worse off then I was before I went on the diet.  Then the good ol' Phen-Fen came out and I thought it was going to be the answer to my prayers, but as we all now know it wasn't.  My weight continued to yo-yo for years.  I spent a lot of money on dietician appointments and weight loss prescriptions with an ending result worse then when I started.  In 2003 I got married; in July of 2004 I had my first child; my second child came February 2006.  I had gained so much weight between pregnancy's and even more after my second child.  September 2006 I started looking into the Lap-Band.  After going to a weight loss surgery seminar in early spring of 2007 I realized gastric bypass was  the direction I needed to go in.  So I attended all the necessary evaluations before my file was presented to the insurance company.  After a month I got word that my insurance company denied me for the surgery for the lack of not having consultations with my doctor totaling six months within the last two years.  I wasn't shocked by the news because I had been warned before hand that this would most likely happen.  Later that week I saw my doctor and found out that I now had high blood pressure.  I have been meeting up with my doctor every month since August and my health has gotten worse; now I feel I have even a better case for my insurance company.  At the end of February I will have met my insurance's request and I will summit my claim again.  I am praying that my insurance will honor my request for gastric bypass.

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