while i am waiting.......

Feb 06, 2008

i am still waiting for a call for my 1st appointment.  i got a little anxious yesterday and called the office.  they were very nice to talk to and they said they would be calling at the end of this week or beginning of next.  I have my sleep study next tuesday so i am glad to have something to look forward to that is part of this process.  i talked to my cousin last night.  she has lost 23lbs in 3 weeks.  a total of 40 lbs overall.  Yeah Debbie!!  I look forward to my conversations with her cause they are so encouraging.  she has had no side effects and feels really good.  i am very excited to really get going on this journey.  (i hope my 1st appointment isn't months away)  ah well,  just to get the appointment will be great!! 

to all who might read this,----have a wonderful week!!

getting things together

Jan 29, 2008

i have been gathering all my medical info together and am waiting anxiously for the phone call from umass that will really begin the process.  i have been to the orientation meeting and the surgical info meeting.  they said within two weeks we would get a call for an appointment.  i am very excited.  has anyone had fallon select insurance to deal with and can share their experience with them?  hope all who are reading this are having a wonderful day!!

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while i am waiting.......
getting things together