Hello everyone

Oct 08, 2007

I thought id share this with everyone.
My family doc told me to even do away with the artifical sweetner.
So i did and i seen a big improvement in my feet and legs, the swelling is down alot.
Man i would love a soda but my feet feel so good.
I cant wait til tomorrow when i can call the surgeons office back..
Does everyone get excited then nervous>
         Well goodnight all and tomorrow we are suppose to get fall weather...

Have to do it again

Oct 07, 2007

Hello all.
I talked to the drs office Friday and found out for tricare I need
a upper gi and blood work..
And cardio and pulmonary clearance .
I have had these done but they cant be over 6 mnths old......
Well my cardio is 1yr old and my pulm is 7 mths old..crap
Im wondering beens they said i was okay with the  testing will they do it with a checkup or need all the stress and etc,,I hope not..
Geuss we will find out later this week.....
Man i love fall is the weather ever gonna change 90 degrees in oct..
Well hope you all enjoyed your weekend....


Oct 03, 2007

Im new to the site.
Ive been tryin for 2 yrs to get the surgery,with no luck.
My husbands employer had an exclusion so it was a no go..
Ive done all my testing last year and denied again.
My husband has been in the national guard for 17 yrs and tricare is now offered to them wether they are active or not..
So its looking good for the surgery im getting so excited and then scared at the same time.
I am 44 for married for16.5 years to the love of my life ..he married me fat and is content with me the way i am except for the health issues.
I have 3 sons 24,15,14
they are my world i come from a very closeknit family.
But we are all big people.
i know its hereditary but i need some change and the surgery is that change.
I wonna be able to tie my shoes and etc,dance with my husband and ride rollercoasters with my teenagers..
Im not looking to be thin just healthy..
thank you for reading this

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Oct 03, 2007
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Hello everyone
Have to do it again