Just to make it quick I've been obese all  of my life except back in 1998 weighed 330 lbs  had a vbg vertical banding done and lost 130lbs in 10 months let me tell you those were the best years of my life after 1 year had a tummy tuck and also had skin removed from my arms and lost 14lbs of skin, 4 years later i started gaining the weight back slowly i stoped excersising and  because of stress slowly getting back to my old eating habits that's why i'm here today  I had a revision done and wanted theRNY to keep me away from the fatty foods and sweets .I thank God for giving me this second chance my husband gives me great support my kids can't wait or me to be able to go on amusement park rides with them i have 3 great kids 11 year old twins  boy and girl and a 15 year old son i just wanna live again i've been anti social over the years cause i was so ashamed of myself for putting the weight back on you just know ppl are talking about you well hopefully they can start talking about me again but in a positive way.i am so determined to make this tool work for me this time i will not screw it up again bye for now

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