I am 39 and live in Northeastern PA. I am married for 7 yrs now and have 1 son, he is 4 yrs old! He is a big reason that I know I must change my lifestyle. Having him late in life and being morbidly obese, Im so afraid I wont live long enough to see him grow up! I have struggled all my life with my weight. I have yo-yoed my way to 343 lbs..shhhh! dont tell anyone that number, even my husband does not know it...lol

I have started the process to get ready for LapBand surgery. Hopefully that will be sometime early 2007. My sister had gastric bypass 2 yrs ago this December, I have seen her become so much more healthy. No more insulin, she lost approx 160lbs. Im just so afraid of doing the surgery she had. She had a few minor complications but my luck I would have major ones! I have done a lot of reading about lapband and I really feel that surgery is better for me. I would love to talk to others that have had lapband or are preparing for it.

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