12/02/06: Well, here I am. A little over one year form the date I started. The time flew. I have not given up. I just recived the notice: I have been approved!!!!!!! I am in such shock I cannot believe it.

I am now rushing to get all the tests done before the BIG day. 25 days & counting. 

They say to keep the fight going and all is right. Never give up. 

11/15/06: OK. I have been very busy with work. I had no sucess with the Marida. I had some problems due to it. I will not take it again. I am trying again with the inc co. It is hard do deal with the insuranc co's. They are not easy.
I hope this time it goes thru. I am past the year mark with this journey.

8/12/06: Well the insurance co wants me to take Diet drugs to help continue with the weght loss. I started taking Marida Saturday. I figure if it works, great, if not then my PCP will help me get approved. As of today I have loss about 40 lbs since the begining of the year. This is good. The appeal of the surgery is loose this much in 1 month not 8 but I am getting the same results. I do not want to kill my current diet just to have the surgery I just want to have a thin life and if this is the way I am going to get there then so be it.

 07/21/06: Well I got the message formthe doctor's office, I have been DENIED AGAIN. Reason: during the 6 month program I lost too much weight.

07/16/06: Well I am hoping for some good news from the Doctor's office this week.

06/01/06: I am going thru 6 month supervised program. I have lost 35 lbs. I have my meeting with the Nutritionist on Tuesday and will ask to send the letter.
06/26/06:The Nutritionist finally sent the letter to the Dr.'s office. Now is the waiting game for the insurance co. I have made the appointments with the last 2 doctors as my pre surgery tests.
I am hoping to have the RNY in end September.

12/27/05: DENIED. A new assistant is helping me. I have to go on a 6 month medical observed program.

 12/15/05: Finally gone thru all required tests, everything came out great. Waiting to hear from the nurse.

11/3/05: My first appt with Dr. Bilof. Nice Dr., I have known a couple of people that have been to him and they all talk highly of him.

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