I am a 41 years old and have 2 children and a wonderful husband. I have been battling my weight for the last 20 years. From the age of 3 through 3 years of college I have danced. I was majoring in Performing Arts/Dance and then dropped out and that is when the weight really came on. I want to have the surgery to help me to be healthy and to be able to dance again, especially with my daughter!

My information has just been sent to insurance and I am waiting for a reply. I have to lose 30 lbs prior to surgery in order to have it done laproscopically. Say a prayer for me and I will also keep everyone else in my prayers!

Great news! I am APPROVED!! It only took a week and a half. The doctor's office said that was the fastest they ever had one approved. Prayer power goes a long way! I have lost 6 lbs as of last week. Have 24 more to go by June 8th, which is my surgery date. Monday (4/26/04) I go for testing and will set a date for my EGD.

Oops, nevermind. The doctor's office was so excited that I had approval that they forgot that my surgery wasn't until June 8th. So, no testing for now. We will reschedule when it gets closer to the date. I have lost 10 lbs, with only 20 left to go prior to surgery!

Well, we have to push the surgery date back by one week. My new surgery date is June 15th. The reason is because of scheduling this time of year with my daughter's school, my work, my husband's work, and the doctor's office. Oh well, just one more week to make sure I have the required 30 lbs gone.

It has been a while since I last updated. I have lost 23 lbs pre-op. I have 7 more to go before surgery in two weeks. I am really getting excited and nervous as the time gets closer. I had a bad sore throat infection last week. I am currently on antibiotics for that. Want to make sure it is all gone prior to surgery. I don't want anything to delay the surgery. Since I had the sore throat, I couldn't swallow and I was basically on the liquid diet, so I am continuing on the liquid until surgery. That should assure that I lose those 7 pounds. Well, that's about it for now. Bye!

The countdown is on, with only 6 days and 23 hours away from my surgery date. I had my EGD and PFT last Friday and all is well and good! I have my final pre-op appointment with Dr. Chung on Thursday. I am very excited, but also getting nervous too! But, I get that way with any surgery! I have lost 26 lbs out of the required 30. With the liquid diet, losing the last 4 lbs shouldn't be a problem.
See you on the other side, the losing side that is! God bless and put in a good word for me also! Thanks!

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Everyone at home, work, and on this site is being so supportive! I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It means a great deal to me!

I'm baaaack! And doing well I might add. Oh yeah, hello Marcie and Dr. Chung! Anyway, surgery went well. I was only in the hospital 2.5 days. It has been an adventure, but one that I would repeat in a heartbeat. I had my JP pouch removed on Monday and weighed in for the first time. I have lost 15 lbs since surgery. Total pre and post-op is 41 lbs. Everyone at Women and Children's Hospital was wonderful. When I called, they were there right away and always polite, cheerful, and well prepared to handle WLS patients. Of course, I can't forget Dr. Chung. I wouldn't be able to write all of these wonderful things if it weren't for him! He is a wonderful surgeon and he truly cares about his patients. Also, Marcie is so wonderful. She always has an answer with a smile and comfort. And I can't forget Annie, she is always so polite and cheerful! Thanks everyone for making this a fantastic journey! :)
Also, thanks to everyone for their prayers and support! God Bless!

I returned to work three days ago. I am doing okay at work. Just a little tired come 5 o'clock, but who isn't! The only problem I have experienced since returning to work is in the evening at home, I get some sharp pains around my largest incision. With a little rest they go away. Weightloss is going well. I have lost 27 lbs post-op. Everything I have eaten or drank has gone down well. My husband and daughter have been very supportive and helpful. I couldn't have done it without them. My daughter can't wait until I start dancing with her. I can't wait either!
Have a great weekend!

Today is exactly 6 weeks since surgery. Everything is still going well and the weight is still coming off at a rather even pace, not too slow or fast. By next week I should be under that 300 lb mark. I can't wait. It has been 10 years since I was under 300 lbs! Although, it was 296, but still under 300!
More later . . .

I am now 2 months post-op and all is still well. This weekend was great. We went jet skiing and it felt good to get back to doing things I was used to doing before surgery. However, my life jacket fit much better this time. I could breathe! My boat also took off quicker out of the water. It was so relaxing to be on the water. It was a beautiful day! Later, when we got home, my daughter and I went swimming and wrestled, did handstands, flips, etc. in the pool. It felt good to play with her like that! Well, I am going to a support group meeting tonight and will weigh in. I will report later on the weight loss. Take care . . .

I am 13 weeks post-op and have lost a total of 79 lbs pre and psot-op. I finally did it, I went back to dancing school yesterday for the first time in 20 years. It was great. Everything came back to me and I did pretty good. Kept up most of the time with all of the younger, thinner girls! It felt so good to move again! I look forward to Mondays now!
We are currently waiting to see which way Hurricane Ivan is going to head. Looks like I am going to be having company from the eastern part of Louisiana. My mother and brother and planning on heading this way since it might hit New Orleans.
That's about it for now, take care . . .

Woo Hoo, I've lost 102! Finally, I am no longer considered super morbidly obese, just morbidly obese! :) Just another step in the right direction. I still feel great! In dance the other day, I did something I had not done in over 20 years again, I did a full split! I shocked myself! Life is good. I thank God daily for this miracle and for Dr. Chung and Marcie! Take care!

A new year, a new me! It has been a wonderful journey the past 7 months. I have lost a total of 131 lbs as of this morning. I feel bones everywhere that I haven't felt in years. I started out in a 5X or 30/32, which was getting tight. Now I am comfy in an XL or 18! I can wear some 14s or Larges. Last year at this time I would have never thought that was possible. And just think, I am just a little over half way to my goal! Wonder what size I will end up in? :)

Hello again. I have now reached a loss of 150 lbs! I am now 214 lbs with a BMI of 39. I am no longer morbidly obese, now just super obese and continuing my way to normal. I wear a large or size 14 in tops and since I am hippy, a 16 in pants. Dance is a blast and I have upped my workouts to 4 times per week, at least 2 hours at a time. The weight loss has slowed, but the inches are coming off rapidly due to the increased workouts, which are causing muscle building. On weekends, we ride our dirt bikes through the wooded trails for several hours a day. Talk about a workout and fun!
For anyone considering this surgery, it is the best thing I could have ever done, aside from marrying my husband and having my children. I have not had one bit of trouble. I feel great. I feel alive again! Email me if you have any questions. Till next time . . .

I have lost 156 lbs. I am at 208. So close to that 200 mark! Dance recital is just 2 weeks away. All costumes ordered in a size large all fit!
A week ago I went to Contraband Days with my family. It is a local festival. Of course, in the past, I did not ride any of the rides because I couldn't fit. Well, not this time. I went on the rides with my daughter and her friend. We had a great time and I realized that night that this surgery was all worth it for something that my daughter said and did. We were standing in line waiting for a ride, she leaned over and kissed and hugged me. She said this was the most fun she has ever had, being able to ride with me! Everytime I think about this, I want to cry! My daughter is 12 and I missed being able to do many things with her and my son in the past. Thank God, I had this surgery when I did. She still has plenty of growing to do and this gives us a lot of time to do things together. I am having the time of my life. This past 11 months has been the best in 20 years!

Two days ago was my one year anniversary! My goal was to lose 164 lbs by then. Well, on that day I had lost 162 lbs, close, but not yet. But, thankfully, today, I am glad to say that I have lost 165lbs, one pound over! So officially, that puts me at 199 lbs! Yeah, no more 2 or 3! Next stop 150 lbs.
On another note, I am taking a yoga class and belly dancing twice a week. I started the belly dancing about a month ago and have lost 4 inches from my hips. What a fun way to shake off the inches! Everyone should try it. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes go to the class. Look for one in your area!
Till next time . . . Happy Losing!

Had my blood work done last week for my one year check-up. I am glad and proud to report that all came back perfect! I have also lost another inch in my hips for a total of 25 inches off of just my hips since surgery. Yeah . . . Later!


Wow, it has been a long time since I posted. A lot has happened since. I have still maintained my weightloss! I am involved in bellydancing and ballroom dancing. See the picture of the dirt bike, well, I have a broken leg right now, but almost healed. I needed a bone graph with screws to fix it. Life has been wonderful since surgery. I don't stop. People even say I am faster on the crutches than on my own two feet. And, the opposite sex, well, I have a lot of attention from them now, kinda weird! Of course, I am happily married and would not act on any of the attention, but it still feels good to have the positive attention! I am in the bellydance troupe and we perform all the time and it is great fun! I will be in my first country & western ballroom competition in May (if my leg will allow it)! Oh yeah, blood work still perfect, but of course I take my vitamins daily . . . this is a must people! Please take your vitamins!!!! Anyway, got to run, going to watch some belly dancers tonight and have yet another girls night out!  Oh, go to www.myspace.com/renaissance_gypsy to see more of my pics and a video of my belly dancing! Later . . .  


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