My First Tattoo

Jul 12, 2007

I am very excited!  I am getting my first tattoo tonight!  I am scared and excited at the same time.  I will post a picture of it later.  It's really an awesome design.  My son says its a "tramp stamp" since it will be located on my lower back.  I had some great compliments from my clients at work today.  One said "Dang girl! you are losing some weight!"  I thanked him for noticing.  The other person who came in to see me has had a consult with Dr Schram and is waiting approval from the insurance company.  I pray that Gail gets approved!  Her daughter told Dr Schram he looked like Emilo Esteves.  He does sort of. GIGGLE   Well I will take a picture later and post it!  Jackie

Lost all 5 that I gained and a couple more

Jun 29, 2007

I lost the 5 I gained!!! Never again I will not cheat myself!  You think you have a handle on it and you can treat yourself you can't I tell you.  You really should not cheat yourself since we made such a drastic decision to lose weight this way.   We have no choice but to stick with it and DO NOT SLACK!  I tell myself everyday that Jackie you did this for YOU don't mess it up.  Ok enough of beating myself up time to get motivated!  We leave for vacation camping mind you.  I love to camp and this state park is fabulous!!  Lots of hills and the campground is paved so I can roller blade and bike and walk.  I will get up every morning and pour myself the 42g orange protein shooter in some iced OJ and off I go.  I can't wait to play with my daughter and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy everything life has to offer me and my family.  I don't buy sugar anything!  I eat healthier and lighter than I ever have in my life.  Well Happy Independance Day and God Bless America!  


Jun 18, 2007

I lost the other 2 lbs that I gained of the 5.  My goodness....I will try very hard not to have another set back like that.  I was drinking empty calories I was I admit it.  I said LOW FAT and light on the chocolate syrup in my iced mocha!!!!  Don't do it or make excuses that you will work our extra hard to have that treat.  It stuck to me.  Back to the basics and I hope my protein New Whey 42 g orange shooters come today, I had the last one this morning.  I will have to do the Any Whey Vanilla and vanilla doesn't sound good to me in the morning.  I do have some protein liquid that isn't flavored I could put that in my orange juice.  Well I  bought size 16 pants from Torrid, they fit great in the legs. My legs have always been thin so when I bought pants to fit my middle the legs were huge and baggy.  These pants are cut correctly for me. I love them.  They are 40.00 a pair but worth it they look fantastic.  I wear a size zero top there which I assume is an extra large.  Since I am well endowed up top.  I haven't lost any there I already had a reduction in 1999.  Good luck everyone hope all is well!  Jackie

Down 3 lbs already

Jun 13, 2007

I am down 3 of the 5 lbs I gained already thanks to getting back to the basics.  If you think you know all the answers and that you don't have to eat to lose you are so WRONG!  I eat 5 small meals a day and upped my protein and by goodness it is WORKING!  My Nut is the best.  My doctor is the best and the barix staff is the best!  Ok I am so ready to stick with the program now.   Have a beautiful day everyone and protein, move, water!  We can do this!

Back on Track!

Jun 13, 2007

I am back on the track again!!  Since my visit to my wonderful Dr's office I have once again got with the program, and I will faithfully make my dr visits because truly my friends we need to stay with the program to be successful. I had a minor set back (5 lbs).   Here's what I have discovered......Eat small and more frequent.  So this am I have had 1 hard boiled egg, and the New Whey orange 42 gram protein liquid mixed in 1 cup of orange juice.   I just had a snack to curb my hunger pang 1/2 of the homemade goulash I made with low carb shells.  I use V8 and stewed tomatoes.   That took the edge off for sure.  Lunch I will have one cup of the goulash and 1/2 of fresh pineapple.  Afternoon snack will be my Chike vanilla shake  27 g of protein!  Wah la protein is in for the day!  I have a roast in the crock pot and making a green veggie tonight.   I bike for a hour and a half every night now.  Crunches and squats in the am before my shower. Kick boxing 3x's a week using my sensi Julie's video.  sipping my water all day long!  I can do this.  I got depressed for a little while ( my good friends are having problems it effects me I can't help it)  I have came to the  conclusion that I cannot save everyone from dispare.  I have to look out for me and my family.  I pray for them.  I hope they find happiness.  Keep on going thats what I have to do.  Time to order more of these 42g protein tube thingies how awesome and easy.  Write me lets chat and help each other!  Jackie

Got another fill

Jun 11, 2007

Ok last night I saw my doctor.  I gained darn it all!  I know its my own fault.  I didn't know I was supposed to go every 6 weeks for a fill.  Well I am glad I did go last night.  I am now back to the basics protein protein protein and move move move!  I didn't see him for 3 months I will never ever do that again.  I made my next appointment already.  I am going to be on the right track now.  I can do this!

I need someone to boost me!!!

May 30, 2007

I have been at this stand still for way too long!  I need some support or maybe even a fill.  I am having some issues that are making me some what depressed.  I have friends who are having marital issues that are effecting me emothionally.  So I am not concentrating on me.  Why do we do that?  I need to edit my photos and remove the band from my profile since I am longer part of that posse.  It breaks my heart to do this but I have to. I cannot promote someone who doesn't appreciate my friendship or respect it.  I am no longer going to be affiliated with the LRB.  I have to now get back on track and take care of me.  I wish them the best.   I need to up my protein and stay away from chips.  I still eat the good things for breakfast and lunch and two protein shakes a day if I have time I need to MAKE TIME!  Wish me luck....................pray for my friends who are having trouble that they both realize life is too short for all this drama.

Now I know

Apr 30, 2007

I have the VG Band which is the largest they make.  I think it holds up to 11 cc's  and I have 7.5 cc's so I probably could get some added but I feel like I am at a perfect spot right now.  I will post more later I have some things to do right now.


Apr 23, 2007

I never did have anything taken out of the band.  I like this restriction now that the pain in my shoulder is gone.  I discovered that my shoulder will bother me when I use my home computer in the basement.  I have been using a laptop.  I have now started to expierence pbing.  Productive Belching.  Sometimes I don't chew enough or forget to slow down.  I have now learned my lesson with that one but it isn't really bad and its not painful.  You don't want to pb because this could result in band slippage.  I finally found the LAP BAND board and have tons of new friends on my list now who can relate to me and I will still keep posted with the rny friends on my list.  I just got discouraged to see their rapid weightloss and mine was snail slow.  I am really happy I chose the Band.  I think it is what is best for me.  I guess I am at my "sweet spot right now"  and its getting warm in Michigan I will get on my bike more and walk more and swim and do all those fun things I loved but used to hide from because I was obese.  Thank you Dr Schram..........he is so wonderful.  Anyone have any healthy reciepes they have invented send them my way please.  

Well I think I need some taken out

Mar 27, 2007

I think I need some saline taken out of my band but I am unsure if I really should.  I am enjoying the restriction however I am having a pain in my left shoulder that comes and goes and I am told that is from the stomach being irritated.  If anyone else is having this problem or has had it let me know what you did to resolve it or did it just go away?  I haven't had the pain all day long today for the first time since last Monday when I got the fill.  Hope everyone is doing well, I am trying.

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