I did it!

Mar 03, 2007

woo hoo!!! I finally did it. I kept thinking I fi I could just get to a size 12 I would be happy. Well that came and gone and I thought wow i might actually reach my goal of 167and then came and went adn I was thinking is it possible could I reach 160, my doctor's goal for me? Well it has come and gone too! Today I weighed 159! Yesterday my kids laughed at me all day because I had on a pair of size 11 pants and could not keep them up. Most of my clothes are either 8 or 9 and medium tops. Even when I was a kid I don't recall being this little. My mom said I was one summer when I was life guarding and on the swim team. all I remember about that summer is being fatest person on the swim team and the largest life guard. Either way life is grand and I am not! Hugs and kisses to all my March sister and brothers for being there for me through all of this!!

Hill Billy Hell

Jan 24, 2007

Well I am back in Waverly, TN. Backwoods country in the middle of the bible belt. It has been a while since I have posted. I have no clue as to what I weigh I did not bring a scale with me. I have however gone from my 12's to 9 in juniors..8 and 10's in misses.  So i have lost at least a few more pounds. I know I am close to my goal and I can hear this voice in the back of my head going ok you can quit now you got there...and it scares teh crapolla out of me. I don't want to quit I want to keep this wonderful new healthy life I have. I can not be fat again, I just can't. i don't think i could mentally take it. I've worked too hard to get here but when I look in the mirrior all i see are these fat legs. For whatever reason I am so tiny on top and I have these HUGE legs they just won't shrink.  When I say they won't shrink they have gon from 19" to 17.5" (my calf) in 10 months that's it!!! My hips went from 52 to 40 my ribs from 40 to 34 but my legs UGH!!!!! Anyway I guess it could be wrose i could have shrunk on the bottom and not the top LOL...I just know I do feel good and I am loving my new life and so thankful for being brave enough to do this for myself!

nearly 9 months out

Dec 08, 2006

I know it's been a while since I have posted sorry. I am now down to 175 pounds I am wearring 12's you know the ones I was too scared to buy, and I have to wear belts with them because they are all too big, not sure what happened over the last 2months but I'll take it. I have been feeling really good lately and I am taking that as a good sign. I have hair again and lots of it. Since it is coming in all crazy I thought I would stick with the short do for a while longer.

At 7 months

Oct 25, 2006

Well since this is a new profile I would be here all day trying to remember what I was when and what happened.  So we'll just start from here. I am in a big 14 but too scared to try 12's, because I know I'll be heart broken if they don't fit. My weight loss has been very slow for the last 3+ months but I'll take it anyway I can get it.  I have 18 pounds until I reach my goal, 25 until I reach my doctor's. I know I an do it!!

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