May 07, 2008

Well my life will be changing very shortly!
I have been approved for RNY I just received the letter maybe 20 minutes ago. I am scared, happy and nervous but most of all happy I cannot believe it. Well to my new journey !

Sent my OOC forms out yesterday

Apr 22, 2008

Well I sent my forms out yesterday at staples and I am hoping for the best !
Hopefully I will hear something real soon...
I am sooooooo nervous...............

Finally goona send these OOC forms in

Apr 18, 2008

Well ! Called My Dr today to see if he was finished my OOC form and a cover letter from him. He wasn't :-( But he said it would be done by Monday ! THANKS DOC I just wanna get this part over and done with...ugh
Anywho MONDAY is the day...OMG I hope OHIP approves me...
Here's to hoping

Went to see Dr G

Apr 10, 2008

went to see my family dr today to sign my OOC forms and to my surprise he was 100% on board. I am so happy so excited I can't believe this has been so easy so far.
what a relief I went in there so nervous and left so happy. 
things are working out I am starting to see the light.

Went to Barix

Mar 29, 2008

Went to barix loved it ! every aspect about it was great ! Before I went I was very nervous about all of this but now I am ready all my concerns were put at ease!
This is truly my calling.

Been doing alot of thinking

Mar 19, 2008

Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.. The closer I get to my consult the more nervous I am getting.. But what makes me more nervous than the consult is seeing my Dr..What do I say? how do I approach him about this issue I have never talked to him before about my weight...ugh I can't wait until this process is over...and I am waiting for my purolator package..


Mar 11, 2008

Well I am going for my consultation on March 28th at the Barix clinic in Michigan I am so nervous. The lady on the phone was so nice though it was really comforting.  Well hopefully this is the beginning of a great journey.

feelig like pooh

Mar 10, 2008

Well I am contemplating calling the Barix clinic in Michigan to book an Appt. for a consult all I keep thinking about is what my Dr is going to say when I tell him I am thinking about getting WLS what if he refuses? what would be my next step?
ugh I am making road blocks before I even attempt to ask him.. I know this won't be a smooth journey but hopefully my Dr will be cooperative.

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Sent my OOC forms out yesterday
Finally goona send these OOC forms in
Went to see Dr G
Went to Barix
Been doing alot of thinking
feelig like pooh