10 months out

Oct 10, 2009

Hey ya'll its that time again where is the time going. Im really thankful for this surgery! Im in awe of how my body is changing. It's so crazy to see it sometimes i be thinking im dreaming even though i know im not. When i started this i was wearing a 24/26 pants and was a 44 dd. Now im wearing a size 14 even some 12 and im a 38 dd. What a transformation. I still cant believe it. God is good i thank him everyday for all his grace. He has definitely been there for me and my family. Im so thankful because i have had no issues at all.

I can eat whatever i want i mostly eat chicken,fish,seafood. I can now drink as much water as i want and it doesn't hurt my pouch like the earlier months.Ya'll know how i love my water. I walk at least 4 days a week a couple of miles. Right now i hate the loose skin but know it will get better so im not stressing over it. I love the way i look overall. So i focus on that. I think what i love the most right now is the fact that i can run around with Aidan(19 months) he is my world and that little boy keeps me busy for sure. Yesterday we ran around outside for 2 hours and i felt so good to be able to play with him and keep up with him. We ran up and down hills played on the swing i mean it was so much fun,Before this surgery at 291 i would never have been able to do that.So im very grateful.

When people see me they look at me cause they know i look familiar but they are not sure who i am. My best friend has not known who i was twice. Its the funniest thing. I was taking a walk and saw her across the way and waved and she waved but i could tell she was trying to figure out who in the world i was. It was so funny.

Oh yeah so im weighing in at 185 this month not a big loss but i know im losing inches and i feel great. Im in a stall and thats ok with me i never stress out about them they are part of the journey. So thats what going on with me. Ya'll know i love this site and the support and love thats here.

If you are thinking about wls i say do ya research and make a decision. I cant say enough about what  it has done for me and my family. I have gained my life back.

My Dec peeps ya'll look great keep up the good work and keep posting.I love reading about everybody's journey.
I will post new pics soon.Love ya'll


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