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Uploading Photos - Can someone/ anyone advise me on how to upload photos please?

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I wish your the best and you're in my prayers. I hope that you have a...

MsR_and_B wrote a blog post 5 years, 9 months ago
Post-op Sleeve Gastrectomy - I'm three months post-op. Is there any specific amount of weight that is considered to be successful at this point. I've lost 56lbs in three months. Any suggestions/ comments/ resp...

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I'm sorry you're dealing with so much at such a crucial time. Don't...

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Under 200

MsR_and_B wrote a blog post 6 years ago
Introducing myself, just starting my journey - Hi! My name is Rachel. I just had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy 2 days ago. I'm so happy! I'm still healing, but the pain is manageable. If anyone else has had this procedure ple...

MsR_and_B wrote a blog post 6 years ago
Surgery date approved - I have a surgery date of January 14, 2015. What are some tips or any advice anyone can offer?

MsR_and_B wrote a blog post 6 years, 2 months ago
Looking for answers - I just joined tonight. I'm looking for answers about everything. I would like to know how to deal with the jitters of surgery? How have other people dealt with pre and post op diet...

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be healthier, look better and feel better about myself.
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