My story is not much different from many others here. I've been fat all my life I think it all stems from when my Grandfather died when I was 4, because I was so close to him I think I turned to food for comfort.  And have been turning to food for comfort, boredom, happyness etc...  The real first time that I started loosing weight was in June of 2006 when I did LA Weight Loss and lost about 25lbs from that, and then gained it all back when I had major family issues and illnesses... I turned back to my best friend food.  So in June of 2007 my dad told me he was doing research on weight loss surgeries and thought that I should have Lap-Band because it would help me get heathier.  And so I did some reasearch on my own, found a good doctors office at Tuffs NEMC in Boston, they had a great team of doctors that I worked with to make sure I got all the information possible on the surgery and that started in August of 2007 and I had my surgery January 2008.  I think so far it is the best thing that I did because as of three weeks out, I've lost the weight that I regained after LA Weight Loss and so now once I start back at the gym (per doctors orders) I should be able to loose more weight as time goes on and once I start on the fills it should help benefit me!

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