Melissa Mermaid 16 years ago

<b>That thwumping sound is your switch siblings pushing you gently over this road bump in your post-op journey.</b> Sorry you're experiencing this problem, Lynn Bee ... I've heard of it happening to DSers but it is rare ... Guess you're the lucky one, huh? As soon as the problem is over, you should be a-okay and back on the boards being the gentle yet powerful supporter we so appreciate. In the meantime, accept our hugs, love and powerful thoughts to get you through.

LeaAnn 16 years ago

Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear of your on-going problems and having to be hospitalized. Hopefully, they'll do what needs to be done to fix you right up, and then you can get on with enjoying your DS! Sending loving thoughts your way! Hope you feel better soon!

* Cindee * 16 years, 5 months ago

Just popping in to let you know that I am praying for your safe surgery and speedy recovery. Your journey is just beginning, I wish you the best one ever!!

teacups 16 years, 5 months ago

Surgery tomorrow, great news!!!! I'm praying for you, and i will be looking for update posts. God bless, Jaime

Jeanie A. 16 years, 5 months ago

Good luck tomorrow, LB. I'm swinging chickens for you. Your life is about to change in so many amazing ways! I am happy for you.
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