Allan Huffman

"Very Impressed with Dr. Huffman. He is truly a professional. He indeed, tells it like it should be, the truth. He thoroughly explained the risk, associated with surgery as well as laid out some things to be considered as to diet changes as well. I wish I had met him prior to going to Dr. Gilman. I am more than willing to be subjected to his surgery. I cant wait. His staff was heaven sent. Directed in ways that exemplified what God expects on those trusting in him. I Trust him to my care and keeping. He, unlike my previous surgeon, took the time to TALK and EXPLAIN, things. Not in 10 or 15 mins, but for some considerable amount of time. His Nurse Renee also was sincere in helping me get help and gain a healthy life. Would recommend them to anyone. I rate him a 100 on a scale of 1-10. you feel me? Good!! "

Daniel Gonzales

"Dr. G was a very goood listener. He was easy to talk to, and straight to the point. He made it his business to reflect the personal interest he therefore exhibited. He was impressed with the knowledge i gained from Obesity Help and others. Was also impressed that we have opportunities like these to review and reflect on our doctors. Would refer him to anyone, young or old. Keep up the good work, Dr. G and If i need you again, best believe i will call you."

Perry Roy

"Dr. Roy has been my PCP for over 7 years. He knows his stuff and is very supportive. Emotionally as well as personally. He doesnt do like some, ring up the price ordering procedures, he listens to the symptoms and then moves forward with a resolve. Would recommend he over another any day!!! "

Michelle Hendrickson

"Very informative, recognized that i was serious about my health and wanted help in solutions to a NEW me. Would recommend her to anyone!! She is very nice, doesnt sugar-coat anything. Lays it all out on the line and tells you what to expect, what to do pre surgery, during, and after. Appreciate the fact that she trains you to live the life BEFORE surgery, so you have better results after. A joy to have!! Thanks Michelle...oh.. and she views OH regularly, so she knows our pain lol "
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