5 years post op

Mar 07, 2012

well wow it has been a whole 5 years to the date today since my surgery I honestly can't remember what my exact start number was it is way high in the 300 today i sit at 159 and i am so happy with how my surgery worked for me. my next step is to find out abut plastic surgery to get rid of all the excess skin. so that the new me can begin.,

Got my Date

Feb 23, 2007

Well I guess I will start by saying my name is Jodi and I am from Kamloops BC. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter who is 2.

I have been struggling with my weight for many years. My high weight was 310. 

I met Dr.Amson in July 24, 2004 and he seemed like a very nice man who cared alot but also expected alot out of his patients. He was very encouraging when ever he saw that I was losing and keeping off the weight.

I finally got my call on February 21st, and that was the most wonderful call I have ever received. Cheri even had to ask me if I was alright, because I had tears of joy instantly. So my wonderful date is March 7th, 2007. I have to be at the hospital at 6am so I am assuming that I am the first of the day.

Good luck to all of you still waiting for a date and those who have just gotten their date congrats to you.

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