5 years out

May 07, 2011

I had my 5 year anniversary last month and thought I should post reflections upon my journey.  I had Gastric Bypass in April 2006.

For the sake of full disclosure I have had continuing health issues - but these are NOT related to the surgery - but do keep me from exercising (even walking) as much as I would like.

I started the journey at 372 - got down to 180 and then my health issues reappeared -(these issues are around a non-healing ulcer on the bottom of my foot - recurrent infections etc.   I had the first of these BEFORE by GBS).

 I am now very stable at 210-215.  Would I rather be about 30-40 pounds lighter - yes - but given the fact that I cannot exercise - I am happy with my weight.

My goals for the surgery were to resolve my diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and high cholesterol - and honestlyy to look better.

Have I accomplished my goals?  Yes all except the high blood pressure - had to go back on meds - but is better than it was.  Been off all other meds (related to weight type issues) since 6 month after surgery.

Would I do this again???  Yes.   BUT - there are times that I get mad that I had the surgery.   When I am fighting depression regarding my other health issues -  I WANT a greasy hamburger - but know if I tried to eat one  - would get sick and suffer from it.  I can eat a few bites - but you know when you are wanting to medicate with food =- a few well moderated bites won't do it.   But that passes and I am glad that I have my "regulator" in place.

Is this surgery for everybody - NO.   I have friends who have - for various reasons eaten their way back up to close to where they were.   I have to maintain constant vigilance and even 5 years out - my main source of food is protein shakes.   I still have 1 - 2 a day.   But this is my choice.  I know if I did not I would be back over 300 in a blink of an eye.  What the surgery did for me was give me a tool to use - I still have to do the work.   Even though I was told that before surgery - I do not know that I really heard it.

So for anyone considering GBS (and would assume the same is true for lsp band)  - please know this is true and if you are not ready to make the necessary life-long commitment - then wait.

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