Almost 3 months out!

Jun 28, 2007

Ok so I am almost 3 months post op!  I experianced one of the worst days ever yesterday!  From what the Dr. Office can tell I experianced having something stuck!  I went to have lunch with my little girl and it was my first time putting salad on my plate and it was either this or I didn't chew something up all the way but all I know is it hurt for HOURS!!!  I got sick several times and was so happy at 11pm I was able to go to bed and woke up pain free!  I have taken it very easy today only liquids till late where I had a few wheat crackers and I about to hit the bed.  I am going to post a few new pic's and the back to work tomorrow!  I am suprised how much change I see from one pic to the next!  Even with the bad time I had yesterday I am so happy with my new life!  Keeping my head up and will tell more later! 

My First WOW!

Jun 04, 2007

Ok all I know it has been a bit but I am here all the time!  So I am down 37 pounds and feel great!  I am only taking my supplements now everyday and here is my first Big WOW...... I was able to ride a roller coster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was such a moment for me and my 10 year old daughter that I am still working off  the high it gave me!  I read some of the people's post and profiles and think is this going to work for me like it has for others and yes I think it is working! Not only for my weight but for my life and family!  I have changed for the better and love the way I have been able to change the way I think and live now!  I just found out that I am going to be going home to PA for a wedding in September and it is going to be so cool to see my family!  Well I think I need to get to bed so till next time!  Thanks for reading!


Apr 26, 2007

Hi all!  Ok I have just passed my 3rd week and yes I feel GOOD!  I was not so good yesterday but with my past med issues I was not sure what it could be.  So I called my PCP and went today to see him!  First he was so happy with my weight loss!  then he went through all that has happened and very pleased all was going well.  Before my surgery I was taking meds to try to keep my body under control!  I am Dibetic and was taking a pill and insulin to keep my suger levels down and now NO MORE pill and only 10 units of inslin 1 time a day (pre-op 70 units 2 times a day)!  That was huge for me!  then he said well you BP is good and my Cholesterol is in normal range and took me off both of those meds!  I can't tell you how happy this makes me!  I can't wait for it all to be gone but you know what this is a good day for me!  I am down 25 lbs and couldn't feel better!  Well that is my story for today!   Thanks for the support from all my co Dr Jawad pts and I love all the greatness that is here for me being a newbee to read and learn! 

What I'm working with

Apr 13, 2007

Ok I am 9 days post op and I was just looking at what has changed already!

I started at 309 with a MBI of 51.4, now I am at 296 and my MBI is 49.2.  WOW that is just shocking!  I would take me for ever to loose that before!  I am loving all the people on here and the help I get just from reading peoples blog's and things on their profile.  

I will work hard to keep coming back here to update all and look forward to reading more of all of yours! 

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