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6 month pics - First of all, I cannot believe I am finally one of those peeps on here who get to post 6 month photos! It's been almost a year since I found this website and started lurking (and t...

PamLovesLime wrote a blog post 12 years, 5 months ago
A month away! - I finally have a date! My DS surgery will be Feb 9 with Dr Inman at St Vincent's Hospital in Carmel, Indiana. Conveniently, this hospital is just down the road from my house, f...

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Post Your Support or Click here to update your surgery status.

PamLovesLime wrote a blog post 12 years, 5 months ago
Can I get a date, date?! -  So I was approved shortly after my last blog update, but had a snafu when someone approved the wrong CPT code (I was approved for RNY). That got fixed up quickly before turkey day...

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Insurance Boogie - I called the insurance company last Monday to check to see if they received my pre-certifcation paperwork. And they did!!! I decided to just go ahead and call myself since the lett...

PamLovesLime wrote a blog post 12 years, 7 months ago
first steps... - My consultation with Dr Inman was Oct 15 after the group presentation that day. Very quick with her, since I really don't any co-morbids or major concerns other than I may or may n...
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