Hello Everyone....
I have been on this journey for over 2 years and finally the end is near. I AM WAITING ON MY SURGEON APPOINTMENT!!! COME ON PEOPLE. I am a mother of three girls,18,15,11 and they are all so supportive in my decision to have  surgery. My husband their step dad is my rock he believes in me and supports me in this new journey. I came from a family that has very high diabetes and cholesterol ( which I have both) on medications for both. I have gone through all the steps they put us through in Canada and now waiting for the surgeon appointment hoping for the next month or so. I do want to begin my new life that will include my whole family. I want to be on the loser bench.. I am having the surgery in Guelph and would love a Angel so if there is anyone that could help please let me know. I live in Orangeville and would like to meet up for coffee and good chat..

All test are done just surgeon date needed, called them on Friday said it should be in a month or so... please I want it know!!! lol

PS Just got the call , going to see the surgeon March 15/11... I am so excited and cannot wait. My surgeon will be Natasha Pereira-Hong.
I got my surgery date of May 11, 2011. I am so excited and looking forward to the new me, and just in time for summer..

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