My story goes something like this I have been overweight as far back as I can remember. Mostly hovering about 30 -50 lbs overweight. Then life really began. I had a baby at barely 17 and during my pregnancy I gained 70 moe lbs. Had the baby and lost on the baby weight about 20 lbs. That left me with about 80-100 lbs overweight (220- 240 range). lived under constant stress and no way to deal with it. Not eating right, smoking, drinking, & using drugs only complicated the matter. Then 2 yrs. later, this prince chaming came into my life and was going to make it all better(HAHA). Willing moved from the town I lived it to a small (850 people or so) village in the middle of BFE nowhere. Forgot to tell you my child's father committed suicide when the he was 2yrs. old. My knight showed up just a month after and melted my heart and swept me & the baby up and promised to make things all right. I lived in a nice house out in the woods. My closest neighbor was 1/4 mile away. Drank alot, ate alot and smoked alot.  Had another baby and only gained 50lbs this time. (pushing 300 lbs) I thought this man loved me despite me being large. I would lose a few lbs 10-20 then we would have a big fight and I would gain it all back then add a few more lbs for good measure. Finally after 9 yrs of marriage bot he and I got sober. Our sobriety dates are 4 days apart. We stayed together  for 14 more months then he decided that he didn't realy love me and needed to be single. And so he left. I clung to my sponser for dear life because at that time I had cut off everybody else in my life. And for that I had alot of amends to make. Any back to the story,  7 months had past and I had already figured out the PC wasn't coming back. I started dating - ok just meeting friends in AA and learning that I don't need booze or a man to make me feel better about myself. I had gotten comfortable in my skin enough to be able to go out with my friends. I had known Felix thru AA and I thought he didn't like me because he wouldn't greet me like the other women around. They would gets hugs and I would get a handshake. Found out he wouldn't hug me because he liked me and I was still married even though I was starting divorce proceedings. Well one fateful night my girlfriends talked me into going to this Halloween party and guess who showed up? Felix. This time something was different about him. He looked at me not thru me. He asked me to dance then asked to go drink coffee.

And the saga continues. 

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