March 22

Feb 12, 2018

On this date I will get a procedure, an one day in and out ROSE procedure done. If it doesn't do the job after a period of time then my bariatric dro will do something, but at this time he wants to try something that is less all the way around. I am pretty pumped abot this, hoping to start to relose with this tool. It is a tool, and I will have to work at using it. So I am seeing a therapist along with dietitians and support, I will see some kine of success. I believe it will be the amount I want to see, which is over 50 pounds, am going to leave the amount at that. LOL hahaha. don't know just what I should lose and if it is going to be possible to eve reach 50, however with everything going on, on my side and the good Lord wanting to meet the desires of my heart, I for surely also have him on my side. So how can I fail, a second time. I see and understand the mistakes I did, and how I am going to fight to keep away from repeating them. 


Yeah, Go me!!! I am also my biggest supporter. Knowing what I need to know.

Praise God for this second chance that many people don't get.

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just before my tummy tuck. Not getting to do much moving afterwards I regained 50lbs, so bumbed.

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