Wow, its been a while!

Mar 30, 2008

Well here I am, 11 weeks out from surgery tomorrow. It has been a rough couple of weeks for me though, I have been in a dreadful stall, and I dont really think I like it. Finally lost a pound yesterday, so the end may be near. I have lost a total of 32 pounds in the last 11 weeks. I have lost 3 sizes at least and I cannot complain about that. I am so grateful for the loss!! I need to post some full body shots soon!!

More on this later!

1 month out...

Feb 21, 2008

Ok so its been actually 5 weeks now and I still have not posted any photos. I am not too good at this stuff, but it sure has been fun to try...

Things are going well. I have lost 19 pounds in 5 weeks and almost 3 pants sizes. It is incredible. I can hardly believe it. 

Will update more when I can...

4 days out from surgery

Jan 18, 2008

Ok, so I had my RNY on Monday January 14th, 2008!!! I feel absolutely wonderful. I cannot even believe how good I am feeling. It is really great. I am not having any pain or hunger. I do want food, but I am not physically hungry. It is all just going well. I weighed 198.8 the day of surgery at the hospital (yes I know I am a lightweight) and today at 4 days out I am 194. It is too cool!!! I will try and be better at posting here becasue I really want to have something to look back at and read when I am farther out.  Oh, and I will be posting more pics as soon as I can.

Its getting closer and closer now...

Dec 11, 2007

Well, here it is Tuesday, and I will see the surgeon on FRIDAY. I cannot wait for this appointment. I have been on the pre-op diet now since last week and I am hoping that this will help speed things up. I dont have a surgery date yet, so it may all be for nothing. At least I know I can do it. I am so close now, I cant wait for this journey to begin. I need to get some before pics up, I cant wait to see the after:)

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Wow, its been a while!
1 month out...
4 days out from surgery
Its getting closer and closer now...