surgery tomorrow!!!

Jan 12, 2009

Hello everyone,

I am having surgery tomorrow and I am very excited and nervous.  This is somthing that I have been wanting for years and I never thought I would get to this point.  Keep me in your prayers.  Thanks for the support.


Nov 20, 2008

I am so happy because I have now reached my pre-surgery goal weight of 298.  My case manager at Kaiser has to meet with me on Wednesday to determine if I am "ready" for surgery and then I will hopefully get a surgery date.  I am super excited.  Lets hope all goes well.


Weight Check In

Aug 05, 2008

Great news, I got weighed in today and I am 329.5 lbs! That is a 7lb weight loss since July 11. I am going to ramp up my exercise and tighten up my meal planning. 31 more lbs to go and I will get a surgery date! Keep up hope for me :) Thanks,

Weight Check News

Jul 12, 2008

Yesterday I went for my weight check in to see how closer I am to the 298lbs that I need to be in order to get a surgery date. Last month I was 350lbs and when I was weighed in yesterday I was 337lbs!!! Whoo Hoo! That was amazing... I knew that I had been cutting out alot of sweets and drinking lots of water and walking a few times a week, but I did not think that my weight loss would be that significant! It inspires me to do better. Now that I saw that I can actually lose the wieght, I am getting even more intense with my workouts and eating habits... Keep me in your prayers...My next weight check in is on August 5th... Will keep updated....

Note: At Kaiser they require that you lose 10% of your weight before you can have the surgery. I actually gained 20lbs rather than lost any weight, thus having to lose 52 lbs rather than the initial 33 lbs that I was instructed to lose 2years ago. I was hoping that they could adjust the amount of weight that I would have to lose, but NOT A CHANCE... They are very strict and want you to stay with your initial goal weight. Just wanted to give you a little background.


Need Inspiration :)

Jul 09, 2008

Tomorrow, I go in for a weight check with the Case Managers at Kaiser Vallejo. My required pre-surgery goal weight is 298, and the last time I checked I weighed 350lbs. I am beginning to eat right and exercise and hopefully by January I will be at my goal and can get ready for surgery. I have hired a personal trainer and enrolled in Weight Management Class, so hopefully I will stay encouraged to get to my pre-op goal. Wish me luck and any inspiration or help would be appreciated.

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