I've been fighting my weight for almost 26 years... I am a mother of one special boy... I've been thinking of about WLS for almost 10 years.. a year ago I decided to contact my insurance company and see if they would cover WLS and if so what would I have to do.. Naturally I got the "it's not an instant cure-all...blah ...blah...blah* lecture.. "yes, yes.. I know all that.. now what do I HAVE TO DO!"...LOL  finally convinced my Case Manager I was serious.. so I got a packet of papers to track exercise/food etc.... So I began seeing a Dietician and  started my journey... At that point I had a BMI of 54/55 and weighed about about 350/60 lbs  My diabetes was/is out of control..I take 20 different meds a day, inject 350+ units of insulin a day (11 shots) and Blood sugars still 300+ sometimes 400+ ...blood pressure is/was out of control.. asthma was so severe I had a difficult time breathing to the extent that I was sent to a Cardiologist w/ the suspicion of heart problems.. well a stress test and a Cardiac Catherization revealed that everything was "Beautiful" according to the cardiologist.. but Let me tell you it was a "WAKE UP CALL!!!".. with my family history it could of easily been a different story and that's when I decided it was time to really get serious about this and start making progress.. that was late December.. when the new year started I had a new attitude and boy has it been showing!  

Since the new year began I have lost 68 lbs so as of today June 21st my BMI is 44 and I weighed in today at 292! WHOOHOO!  I haven't weighed this little since I was in my early 20's!  

Went yesterday June 20, 2007 to Hurley Bariatric for the surgical consultation, I was accepted as a candidate ~YES!!~  The Dr and the nurses all said they were surprised at how ready I was for this at the steps I had already taken to prepare myself and thus proven that I am ready mentall and physically for this to happen.  They gave me this long checklist of stuff needed from past/current Drs and tests needed done and info they needed and I am so ready and prepared that there is only 2 items on the list that I have to do.. everything else has already been done!  So I am sooo excited... I am hyped and raring to go.. but now trying to settle in for "The Wait" 

Went today to get the Sippy cups and baby spoons that I was recommended to get to help prepare for surgery... sip, sip, sip the water and small small bites of food... I feel ridiculous.. a grown woman in her late 30's walking around with a sippy cup.. heck my son NEVER used a sippy cup...and here I am using one at my age.....LOL.. ohh the things we do.. but I just keep reminding myself.. it's all part of the "journey" and every Journey consists of small steps taken one step at a time... so this is just another step along that long road....

June 25, 2007 Happy Birthday to me!... My present? A phone call from the Cardiologists office informing me that the Dr didn't need to see me in person to give me clearance for the surgery, that they would Fax a letter documenting my clearance to Hurley.. .YAY!!!!!! Another item checked off the list.. One step closer to having my "packet" completed... ONLY ONE step more to go..and that's the appointment with the Mental Doc... Waiting to hear back from Insurance case manager whether or not they have a "preference" for what Dr I should se :D

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