Depression after wls

Jan 20, 2017

Hey all I'm Val and i had 2 surgeries i first had VGS on December 2, 2013 i had pain all the time right when i started eating regular foods. it didn't matter what i ate i would be in pain all the time. I stayed back in forth in the ER cause of pain in my stomach. Test after test. I ended up getting my gallbladder removed. I had diverticilitis was in hospital for a week. I knew it was something wrong cause i knew for a fact you ain't suppose to hurt when you eat and then it got to the point it felt like my food would not go down. So i made a apptointment with my surgeon to get checked out. So had a CT scan done and found out my sleeve had a bend and that's why it felt like my food wasn't going down. I started getting fustrated cause i felt like everything was going wrong. i found myself in the house and didn't want to be around anybody i just being in my room. I was starting to feel that nothing good is happening and Why? i was in denial about being depressed i was saying i'm alright I'm not depressed i just don't want to do anything or be with family. i can't eat, dont want to eat anything cause i didn't want to be in pain. And this went on for months and i was seeing a therapist but i was holding back talking to him. I just didn't want to talk about anything. So i was thinking and I prayed that things get better, that i get better. I started opening up with my therapist. So it came time for me to go have the sleeve repair i was a little nerveous but i kew everything was going to be Okay! Got up that morning went to the hospital had the repair and got to my room was a little sore. My nurse brought my jello and broth ( you know the good ) and i took a couple of sips of broth and immediately i was hurting and i'm like what the heck. This didn't happen before so i sip some more. There it goes again. I couldn't I told my nurse take it cause i couln't. So she call my surgeon he order a test so they roll me down to get it done. I had a leak so my surgeon caome to tell me that i have to go right back in the OR. I'm like are you serious and he said yes I am. You wouldn't make it through the night like this. I call my husband and told him what was going on and that he need to get there asap. I layed in that bed and i cried and said lord what is going on. Why is this happening to me. What have i done to have to go through all this. My nurse came in my room and said to me can i pray with you and i aid please. I thought that was so sweet of her. So back in the OR i go. I had to be converted from gastric sleeve to gastric bypass it was the safest way. I converted on May 24, 2016 I had to start everything all over. Liquids for 2wks..Puree 1wk...Soft 1wk and then back to regular foods. And I have No Pain Nowhere. Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to tell you Depression is Real!!!

I acknowlegde it and I fixed it. I release everything that i had been dealing with through out my life all the hurt, anger, pain, low selfesteem, doubt and fear.

I am so much better know i can eat food and not be in pain. Enjoy mu life and live it to the fullest.

What i want to leave with you is Depression is Real...acknowledge it and fix it...get help

Thank You,



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