My story....... I would have to say that my story is much like everyone else that visits this site.  I've been overweight ALL of my life.  I was taken to the doctors early in life to find out what was wrong with me.  However, I was always an active child.  I played school and summer softball, loved riding my back, and hanging out with friends.  I was constantly monitored for my food intake.  My teachers and lunch people at school even watched me like a hawk.  All of the rules and regulations became to much and I wanted to eat what my friends were began the sneak eating.  I remember saving up my chore money, riding my bike up to the ice cream shop, buying a marshmellow icecream shake (or something similar) and then going to hide at the bandstand in the park to eat it.  When I got my license in high school, it became worse.  Now I had access to fast food joints.  When I had the opportunity, I would go buy and get a combo meal on my way home, and then turn around to eat with the family.  Of course this was during the times that I wasn't trying to starve myself to being skinny.  I went 5 days without eating once...but usually was 2-3 days at a time.  When I got off on my own in college I went crazy...I could by the cereal i wanted, I could buy the chips that suited me, I could make the foods that I wanted to try.  However, I also was going to the gym at college every day.  I would spend 1 hour on the eliptical or bikes, then weight lift for 1 hour, and then finish by walking/running at least a mile.  Sometimes, I'd throw the rowing machine in there just to mix it up a bit.  The most weight I lost was 50 pounds and then I turned out to be diabetic.  GO figure!  With diabetes for 9 years (on insulin for 6 years), arthritis in my back, bulging/herniated discs in my back, and an overall failing health....I either had to take some drastic measure, or die YOUNG.  I chose to live.....correction....I CHOOSE to live! 

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