Hitting a Wall!!

Oct 27, 2008

Well had a couple appt's this week and it appears i have slowed down  but what can i exspect...i got moved on to allmost normal foods now, so im kinda getting used to what i can and can not eat and etc..and besides the last couple weeks i havent got to work out either..been sick...so im hopping to get back on the wagon very soon...the Dr told me even with so and loosing 2lbs a week or such is still normal..at least im not gaining...but i want to lose at least 5lbs a week..maybe im selfish :P...

Just some Backdrop stuff!

Oct 06, 2008

Well I just wanted to post some things ive done this year to help prep me for this lapband journey and to help my health..

The first thing i did in january was paid for a yearly gym membership at a local gym been going as much as possible got a small routine down so far, 30  mins walking..fast or slow pace...then spend some time lifting some weights..  before this i was in and out of the gym..not much good there.....

The Second thing ive done was stop smoking!! been smoking since i was 14 and finally broke my habit this Feb...This alone is so much...i can smell things i didnt really before...and i can breath so much better....everyone says this will happen but i didnt belive em at first but it came to be true...So far havent had a single craving for a cig since...i can smell other people who do smoke..not to attractive i must say...

last i put myself on a 1800 cal intake diet....it helped a lil..but i have so much trouble losing weight.....i was allways still hungry..and sometimes failed and had something i wasnt supposed to...:( but imanaged and here i am now..on my lap band journey....


Oct 6

Oct 05, 2008

Well so far its been difficult...the surgery went well..but this changing of eating habits is a pain...i sitll feel hungry even when u would think i shouldnt...

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