Wanted the DS surgeon says I'm not big enough?

Apr 12, 2014

Ok so I decided since my body likes to hang on to each and every calorie - may be hereditary or stems from 10+ years of prednisone therapy but regardless, it's extremely hard for me to lose weight. I at first thought I wanted the  VSG, then started leaning towards the RNY which my surgeon recommended. Now after reading more about the BPD/DS I called my Dr. and told his nurse that I wanted the DS. She said she would talk to the Dr. and get back to me.  My pre-op appointment is 4/21 and surgery is 4/28. She called me yesterday and explained  that the Dr. will NOT do the DS on anyone unless they are extremely obese. Well at 5'6 and 290lbs, size 2x top, 20-22 pants I think I qualify don't you? Nope, he doesn't. I was really hoping for the lasting malapsorption to help me in not only losing the weight but keeping it off permanently. I have made so many changes, exercising 5 days a week which is a huge change since for the last 10 years since I got sick I have really not exercised AT ALL. I also cut out fast food, and sugar. When I was on big doses of prednisone I craved sugar big time and got seriously addicted. Anyway - making the changes I need to in order to be successful after I get my "tool" which is now going to be RNY. I hope and pray that I  am able to lose the weight. My initial goal weight is 160 so that means 130lbs. Is it possible at my age? (I'm 57) I start my 2 week pre-op diet on 4/14 and it's not as bad as I thought it would be - I'm allowed 3 protein drinks a day plus a small under 300 calorie meal for dinner (or lunch if I want) I was thinking it would be only liquids! Then 48 hours prior will be liquid only - hoping to lose another 5-6lbs  before the 28th.  Wish me luck.




Surgery date 4/28/14

Mar 28, 2014

So the first 3 months of my supervised diet I lost NOTHING. I was only eating 1200-1300 calories per day but I still wasn't losing. I went to my GP and she said I may be insulin resistant due to being on prednisone for 8+ years. She started me on Metformin. I then lost 9lbs in the next 3 weeks! I did make some changes though - gave up ALL SUGAR, and BAD CARBS. I also upped my  exercise to 5 days a week instead of  3. I'm hoping to lose another 15lbs before surgery and start my 2 week liquid diet on 4/14 - if I can do that my SW will be 275. It's overwhelming to think about now but I am just so darn excited to finally have something to look forward to that I am bound and determined to do all the right things. My main motivation is traveling. I worked for an airline for 28 years and now I can travel free in coach anywhere they fly! I have not been on an airplane in almost 1 1/2,  since I was around 260 (gained weight after starting on Lyrica, plus was still on Prednisone) I also have a 6yr old grandson in  CO who is learning to snow ski and when I was in CO a few weeks ago I almost had a heart attack just walking up 3 flights of stairs at the Lodge at the ski resort!! Totally embarrassing. I'm sure people were  wondering why I was even there. Not that I will snow ski again even after I lose weight but who knows, never say never!! I have a whole new wardrobe picked out - pictures from my J Jill catalog, and Chico's etc. I also bought a dress in a size 12 for my daughters wedding in December as inspiration. I will have to be around 160-165 to fit into it so that means losing 130lbs by end of 2014......I think I can! My other goal is to buy a new bicycle and start riding the numerous bike trails here in my hometown.  Just so  many things I want to do  that I  can't at my current size. Well I'm just rambling here now but so damn excited.



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