6/14.. I had my surgery and it has been 5 years already... Wow! Time flies. I am down to 146 lbs. and feel great. I recently married my childhood best friend of over 30 years and am the happiest I have ever been. I have had some rough patches here and there with the weight loss but it has been steady for a while. I am now searching for a plastic surgeon to remove all this excess skin.

My name is Selena. I will turn 32 years old tomorrow. At this point I am upset with myself for mistreating my body for so long... When I was younger I was athletic. I attended dance school- ballet, tap, jazz, modern. Had an awesome body. 5'1" with curves and 130 pounds. I had my first child at 21 years old. I did everything right. I excersized, watched what I ate and ended up gaining 100 pounds. I was never able to go down to my pre- pregnancy weight. My second pregnancy brought my weight up to 260 and my third to 298 (which is my heaviest). 

I am desperate to have bariatric surgery due to failing every attempt at weight loss I made. I met with abariatric physician last week. He made me so comfortable with great bedside manner.

I have a few appointments set up...

I will keep you posted.

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