Nov 08, 2009

Can we say that life has gotten in the way of posting... LOL

Well I dont remember the last time I posted an update...

Not much exciting has been going on with me... my weight has stayed around the same since Sept of last year... I did get down to the 100's just before New Years but then my weight found a home at 215 and I have been around there since.  I am getting back in the groove now... trying to get lower.

My hubby is now trying to have surgery... we are hoping everything will be turned into insurance company this coming week so we might get it done before the end of the year.

I think that is all for now.

9/19/08 - way past due update

Sep 18, 2008

This is a post I just made in the July 2007 board......

Jumping in but a bit late...

This month has been terrible for me...

Consult Weight: 395
Surgery Weight: 373.5
Sept 1st: 208.5
Sept 19th:  215.0

My weight is GOING UP!!!!
I need a swift kick in the booty... I can not eat more things than I have been able to and I know I am not eatting what I need to.  We are so busy right now with teaching, working at home, soccer, football, family, house etc etc... you know the drill.... that we are not sititng down to eat at all... and we are running to McDonalds or other quick places in the evenings after soccer and football practice/games.  I am trying to make good choices, but the french fries are calling my name..  I know I am not drinking as much water as I need... I turn around to pick up my things at the end of the day and there is my water bottle still capped, I have drank none.

This is the first time (month) that my weight has gone up and not gone back down.  SOMEONE PLEASE KICK ME IN THE BOOTY...

This is basically what my meals look like for my average malfunctioning day... LOL
Breakfast:  Slimfast (I figured I need the 20 grams of protein and only 1 sugar)
Lunch:  1oz cheese or a mini lunchable (the ones made for babies)
Snack:  Granola Bar while running to get kiddo from school
Snack:  Skim Milk (I will prob have 16 oz of milk before running out the door again)
Dinner: usually a cheese burger (no bun) and some fries (small burger)
Snack:  usually cheese or some chips and salsa

I dont do the lunch everyday... when I remember and have time I do lunch... and usually it is grab and go.  I am not getting in but maybe 16 oz of water, which I know is BAD.

I know my food needs some major help, but it seems like we are running all day everyday... no time to cook or anything... I dont see how people with more than one kid do it everyday...LOL
I dont think I am getting in nearly my calories either, so I guess my body could be starving itself too and holding on to everything I put in.

I so want to get to my goal but I dont see that happening... :-(   I am trying to see about plastics since I have ALOT of skin that needs to come off... wondering if there is a plastic surgery school that takes volunteers... ginea pigs so they can practice... I think that is going to be the only way for me to afford it.  :-(

Have a great day... sorry I hijacked this thread ... sorry also that I havent been around as much.

happy RNY surgery sister

5/31/08 - 10 Month Update

May 30, 2008

OK I can not believe that I havent posted on my profile for 2 months... sorry that is sad.  I think it is because I am running around all the time and dont take too much time to post/blog or anything.

Here is my progress so far:

Starting Weight: 395
5/31/08 Weight: 228.5
10 month loss: 166.5   WOW
My BMI has gone from 56.67 to 32.78 a drop of 23.89 points, I have gone from SUPER Morbidly Obese to just Obese...LOL  I have 20 more pounds to go till I am just Overweight... I would LOVE to just be overweight at my 1 year appt with Dr Avara.  I think at this time that would be pushing it, since it is very difficult to loose that much weight in 2 months now.

Measurements (this really WOWs Me...LOL)
Waist:  63 to 42 = 21
Bust:  64 to 46 = 18
Hips:  69 to 49 = 20
Arms: 18.5 to 12.5 = 6
Thighs:  35 to 24 = 11
Calfs:  24 to 18 = 6
Neck:  14.5 to 12.5 = 2

I got my bloodwork done the other day so I will post on how that goes.

gotta run for now


Mar 31, 2008

  8 Month Update

Who would have thunk it???  I have made it 8 months since my RNY and I am still doing GREAT!!!

As of today I weigh 247.0....whooohoooo  (yesterday it was 245.0...LOL)

Here is what I have acomplished so far... 
Total inches lost 70
Total pounds lost 148.0 (WOW )
I have a total of 57 pounds left to reach my goal weight of 190 (I might try to get lower if possible)
I have lost 61% of my excess weight and 72% of my weight to goal!!!

What have I learned so far... 
I still cant eat much at one time...
I still dont feel hungry... I do get the munchies though.
I can finally eat spicy foods...YEAHHHH
I still cant tollerate any butter or oils...
I have more energy than I can handle... LOL
I love being outside mowing the grass and working in the yard...

Things coming up in the future...
My PCP will do my bloodwork on 4/24...
I am going on a Cruise (4/17) for my birthday... 

This is it for now... happy day


Mar 20, 2008

WOW it has been a long time since I have updated my journel.... sorry

I am really trying to update it each week, but life got in the way.
I have been working more which is good and bad... LOL.. I finally took last night off, that is the first time I have been off in forever it seems like.

My cruise is coming up quickly, I cant wait.  I need that down time.  I am going to relax so much, someone is going to have to wake me up to go eat dinner... LOL

Well in Feb my weight was yo-yoing, and it is doing the same thing this month too.  I play with the same few pounds for a few weeks and then I might drop it.  So I think the easier weight loss is not happening anymore, I have to work hard for everything I loose.

I am not loving Curves anymore, so I am going to try and quit, we will see how that goes.  Curves to me is just boreing, and I really have to make myself go.  I am not sure how I can go in the summer with Daniel home either, when I am having a hard time going now that he is in school...LOL  I do all the yard work and house work, so that is giving me some excercise too.

Well as of today my weight is down to 251.0, not bad from a start of 395.0  So I am actually down 144 pounds...whoooohooo   I am getting closer to goal (190) but it is just coming slowly.   My weight loss is down to around 5 pounds a month now...arrgghhh... maybe a bit more but not much.  I think the months where I was loosing 15 pounds in a month are far gone...(they were nice when they were here...LOL)

I need to go thru my closet again and get rid of clothes that dont fit, I dont know why I want to hang on to them... I will never wear them again...LOL
Right now I am in a size 22 pants and a 22/24 top...whooohooo  That is a far cry from the size 32+ pants and the 32 top (considering all of that was small on me then)

I am very proud of my acomplishments so far, and when the weight isnt coming off I try to remember how far I have come so I dont get too discouraged.

Gotta run and work... :-)


Feb 29, 2008

Today is my 7 month surgiversary... whoohooo

February has been a crappy month, my weight has yo-yoed all over the place...arrgghh
I have tried everything to get it moving in the right direction and finally it started to drop.

So far in 7 months this is my progress.
Start Weight - 395.5
Todays Weight - 258.5
Total weight lost - 136.5

I have lost 66% to my goal weight (190)
I have lost 56% of my excess weight (150)

Waist - 63 to 47 = -16
Bust - 64 to 50.5 = -13.5
Hips - 69 to 54 = -15
Arm - 18.5 to 14 = -4
Thigh - 35 to 25 = -10
Calf - 24 to 18 = -6
Neck - 14.5 to 13 = -1.5
Total inches lost = 66.5 inches

Not too bad... LOL


Feb 10, 2008

Well I am happy again... LOL

My weight started to move again... thank goodness.

My weight was stalled or going up for over 2 weeks...arrgghhhh  I guess my body needed a chance to catch up.  That is what I tell myself, even though I dont like the going up and staying the same.

Today I weighed in at 265.0, which was my goal for Jan 31st... so only 11 days late, but I will take it.

Gotta go to work... HAPPY DAY


Feb 07, 2008

Well I am starting to get a bit peeved with my current weight.
Today my weight is 269.0 (it is going UP!!)

The only thing I am doing differently is eatting breakfast (1/2 of one package of Cream of Wheat).  I started taking vitamins again...LOL... I cant stand any of them so I started taking some of Daniel's gummy vitamins.  I have also started working out again.

Why is my weight not going down!!!
Why is my weight going up!!!

I have planned to go to Dr Avara's WLS support group on Thursday (2/14), so we will see what they say then.  I know they will probably say something about you are doing great, your body needs to rest... blah blah blah.  Well I could understand that if my weight wasnt going UP!

That is enough of my venting and ranting... hopefully tomorrow the scale will start going back down.  :-)


Jan 31, 2008

Today is my 6 month surgiversary... WHOOOHOOOO

As of today I have lost 127.5 pounds and 60 inches!!!!


Jan 27, 2008

Well the 5daypouchtest is almost over... today is day 4
Have I cheated... well just a little... I went to visit mom and dad and michele yesterday.   Michele and I went for sushi... well that is all fish ... but I did take a bite of rice... so I cheated.

I am down to 267 today so that is a big ole bonus... LOL  I have 2 more pounds to loose to get to my end of month goal...whooohooo

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