Happy Three-Year Surgiversary to Me!

Aug 09, 2009

Happy Surgiversary to me!  I finally feel like a full-fledged "veteran" now, and still reflect every day of my life on how grateful I am to have had this surgery. I went to the doctor last week, and when I was weighed, the nurse noted, "You weigh exactly what you weighed a year ago (124)" I think I have NEVER weighed the same from year to year! I was always either losing, or gaining. Mostly gaining. My doc, (ob-gyn) who did not know me pre-op, commented on my healthy weight and how much easier it is to examine a thin person. My official three-year check-up is in two days, and I am anxious to see how my labs are doing. My 30th high school reunion was this weekend, and it was truly a mind-blowing event! I felt like Cinderella at the ball. Some people had not seen me since high school, some had seen me at the 25th, where I was almost 100 pounds heavier. Fortunately, none had seen me at my highest! People actually stopped talking and stared when I walked in. I was so nervous I actually felt sick to my stomach. Classmates kept telling me how great I looked, and guys were coming up to me and saying "My God, you are so hot. Did you look this good in high school?" Men were buying me drinks all evening and following me around like puppydogs. Never mind that I'd mention I'd just gotten married six months before, they still did. I hate attention on myself - always have, and I was so uncomfortable, I couldn't look people in the eye, LOL. I finally calmed down after two drinks. Interestingly, there was this group of former high school beauty-queen types there. You know - the popular clique that the boys only had eyes for and who thought they were all that? Some of them still looked pretty good, but it was fun to see how they were artfully trying to cover up their back fat and poochy tummies with their strategically placed clothing. A few looked well-Botox'ed. They stood and looked at me and whispered amongst themselves, but no one approached me to talk to me. Finally, towards the end of the evening, one broke from the group and walked over. She had seen me at the 25th. She said, "All right, Julie, come out with it - you are thinner than anybody here and you look amazing. How'd you do it?" I had told myself that if no one asked, I wasn't going to volunteer the information, but if anybody came right out and inquired, that I'd tell the truth, so I told her that I'd had a form of weight loss surgery called the duodenal switch. She insisted I come over to the "group" and tell them what I'd done and they all were quite fascinated. She of course had to get a dig in, by saying, "I saw you at the 25th and you really needed to have that surgery." Duh. Like I said, surreal. I can't believe it, but I forgot my camera!! There is a picture of the outfit I wore on my profile.  It was a great way to celebrate my three years as a thin, healthy, mobile, energetic person! I LOVE my DS! 


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