I Didn't do IT

Feb 11, 2008

ok my surgery was schdule for feb 5th  and i got in to prep for surgery and had some things happen to me and had some panic attacks from being so nervous and my doctor  decicded that we should reschdule,,,and so we did!!!!!!!! I have cried and cried and kicked my self for letting myself get out of control since i have worked do hard and so long for my surgery,,but i have some great family and friends at the hospital that are 100% behind me and next time they are going to montor who comes in and out of my room and have that nice little relax meds waiting on me,,,everyone says that day happend for  reason though i may not see it yet or understand but one day i will...and that my day will some soon and i feel ready and scared and excited about that day,,let me tell you i was so so so  scared that day,,,,well if you have words or faith or  help let me know much thanks,,,muahh Scarlett

1 more day...big girl panties

Feb 03, 2008

OMG what can i say i have 1 day left and you know i am not as nervous as i thought i would be sometime i find myself excited then ready to get it done and over with and then i find myself,,,scared,,,not so much the surgery its the afterwards i can't stand the thought of i had to have my gallbladder out in OCT and the doctor and everyone told me to expect the same pain and things to it,,well ok ihandle that pretty well,,,but hey its surgery ,,,anyone will be a little scared....and as i sit here by myself to reflect...i think wow this is it the last time i will have to be big ,,,from now on it all down hill with the pounds now...well after my surgery..to get it off my chest my biggest thing witht the surgery is not getting anything to drink till the 2end day i am in the hospital and oh yeah beinging in the hospital i have never had to stay over nite since i was  a baby,,,my gb surgery was same day,,i gat a uncomfotrable feeling just thinking about staying over night,,,plus antitesia always make you so sleepy and you wanna be left alone and it quite and to sleep..well i start my all liquid diet tomorrow my parents took my out to mexican last nite and my brother in law and inlaws took me chinese today..thanks to them....my hubby says that i seem fine now but when it gets down to the time in or holding i will freak out,,,i don't think i will freak out i think yeah my nerves wiill pop out of now where,,,,but hey this is what i say I HAVE TO PUT MY BIG GIRL PANTIES ON AND DEAL WITH IT,,, i will write more soon...

since dec.

Jan 24, 2008

ok  i didn;t get to have my surgery in dec,,,due to my insurance,,,long long story,,,so i waited to go on my hubbys in jan,,so i became effective,,jan 1 and got my approval jan 10th i did my pre op AGAIN on jan 18th and i am going to have my surgery feb 5th,,,,i am truly excited,,,and a little scared,,,but right now more excited i am ready to get it done and over with,,,but i know as it gets closer my nerves will ge the best of me,,,,,lol normal i have heard...well i will keep you up dated,,,oh yeah i gained only 2 pounds since nov 30....thank gosh,,,i was scared it was more,,,,,

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I Didn't do IT
1 more day...big girl panties
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