Three year update/emergency surgery

Nov 09, 2009

My three year surgiversary will be just one month from now. My VSG has been very successful-my weight stabilized at around 135 and I wear a size 4. I believe I look skinnier than that (would prefer not to)-I think it is from having extra skin. Due to many years of water aerobics I am fairly well toned so that probably helps..

Spent the month of September, 2009 in Southern France-with husband, friends, son & girlfriend (who work on a yacht based in Antibes). I stayed the longest and travelled back to the US alone. I wasn't feeling that great the last few days of the trip and on the airplane. When I picked up my luggage I was hit by stomach pains that were beyond belief. I passed out and ended up having emergency colon surgery (for a twisted bowel/colon) at the hospital closest to JFK-Jamaica Medical Center. I had 1/3 of my colon removed. The surgeons (who also do weight loss surgery) do not attribute the surgery to the VSG as the twisting was at the opposite end of the colon. Moral of the story-don't take these signs lightly-cramping (like menstrual cramps), mild pain, and constipation/diarhhea. A twisted colon has a  potential 37% death rate if not rectified quickly!

After reading about this condition, I am SO happy that I had the VSG-as we know, complications are much more frequent with some types of bariatric surgery. God Bless You All.  Sue


Sue's Weight Loss Log

Aug 04, 2008

Highest wt.     227
At surgery      221
12/31/07        200    
1/31                191   
2/28                178   

3/31                170   
4/30                160   
5/31                153   
6/30                148   
7/31                144   
8/31                141   
9/30                140           AT GOAL!!!!!!
10/30              136    
11/30              136
12/31              133
1/31/08           133
2/29/08           133
5/31/08           134
6/30/08           134

7/30/08           135

GOAL            140

April update

Apr 18, 2007

Life is good. I have lost 62 lbs to 165 and continue to be amazed at all of it. I wore a size 10 suit to work yesterday...versus a size 18 (tight) before. When I walked out of the bedroom yesterday, my husband said you look really skinny today!! My goal is 140 so only 25 lbs to go! I am going to a reunion this weekend with about 100 other "donut dollies" (Red Cross workers) I served with in Vietnam. I am looking forward to it for many reasons; one of them is that I know I look good.

Speaking of photos, my camera is defective and out of service. Our son is home so I will have him take a shot and upload it. 

I am so thankful for this board; it has changed my life.


Update 2/20/07

Feb 20, 2007

What a great surgery this is; I am so thankful I found this website. I am down 42 lbs to 185-surprisingly, I think I look like I weigh less than that! Yesterday I went shopping for clothes to tide me over. I didn't try on a couple of things but thought that size 12 pants would be good for a month or so from now. I tried them on last night and they fit perfectly!! So I am going to return them for a size 10...yes, they must run big but how amazing is that!

Yesterday two women in my water aerobics classes raved about how much weight I had lost. One was before class; I said "long story, I am late for class." She approached me afterwards and asked me again so I showed her my scars. She and the other woman (a nurse) asked me tons of questions and kept on giving out compliments. How exciting!

I was pretty tired for 4-6 weeks after surgery, but that is gone. I feel energetic and great. My sleep apnea is also gone. Anyone who is interested in the VSG-don't hesitate to contact me. Now if I could just get a new photo to upload on my profile....

Sue H.

6 week update; Onederland!

Jan 24, 2007

It has been six weeks since my surgery with Dr. Joya in Mexico; all is going well. I have lost lost nearly 35 lbs and am in the low 190's! I haven't been this low in weight since before my fibromyalgia weight gain during 1996-1997. Some of my smaller clothes are now too big!

-Hunger-yes, I get hungry when my stomach is empty but there are no cravings induced by the hunger. As a result, I can just eat something good for me (ie, protein). I have no cravings to eat the bad stuff. My head hunger hasn't been bad as well.

-Feeling OK. I am still waiting for my energy level to surge but it's not that bad.

-Back to my water aerobics classes; they are great!

To all considering the VSG; I highly recommend it!

Happy New Year!!!

Jan 03, 2007

Back to work today (1/3) after several days off. I have been stuck at 200 lbs for seven days but am not bothered by it thanks to my fellow posters. A plateau lasting 7-10 days or so is expected after the early quick weight loss. I tried on work clothes yesterday and already have a big stack of the largest ones ready to vacate our house. That is a wonderful motivator during a plateau.

Am feeling a little bit better every day. I still love to sleep as a means of recovery. I am hoping that I can resume water aerobics next week. Very pleased with everything so far.

December update

Dec 27, 2006

I can hardly believe that I had surgery just 15 days ago! I feel very good. Christmas was a little easier than I thought it was going to be. My sister in law made me homemade potato soup which filled me up-it was quite the treat. I successfully hid my plate from my mom during Christmas dinner-she was on the other side of a round table with a centerpiece in between. (mom doesn't know about the VSG). As one of the world's slowest losers, I am dumbfounded by my weight loss!


Post Op!

Dec 18, 2006

I had my VSG with Dr. Joya in Mexico less than a week ago. I am home and am feeling well. I think I have lost about 15 lbs so far beginning with my one day liquid pre-op liquid regime.

The experience with Dr. Joya and his staff/hospital in Puerto Vallarta was excellent. I have had abdominal surgery a few times prior. I felt that I was in safer hands with Dr.  Joya's team. The slightest problems were addressed quickly and with care. The pain was a little higher for me than average so I was given a fluoroscopy to make certain everything was "flowing" properly. I didn't bounce back quite as quickly in the hospital as my younger counterparts so they suggested that I spend a third night there (or even a fourth if I felt I needed it) at no extra charge. That extra day made a big difference for me.

The second part of the experience-at the Hotel Krystal NV was great too. I have travelled the world and PV is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Having an oceanfront room (upgrade) on this gorgeous large bay couldn't help but make you feel better. I added an extra day to my stay and am glad I did. I was able to see a little more of PV that way and also was feeling good when I left. One of Dr. Joya's doctors came to visit every day around 9:30 am to check my dressings and see how things were going. The whole six days was a great healing atmosphere. As I think how this might have been in the US with one hospital night, there is really no comparison. Dr. Joya/PV wins hands down.

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