when i first came home

Sep 27, 2010

 when i first came home i was just excited to be home from the hospital the soreness resided in about a week  for what little i was eating i really thought that the weight loss shoulde be more .but as diane informed not to be upset it is okay everyone loses the weight in different numbers and of course she is right one week is low and the next time it is high number.   i am happy for the new life that i have started. but the boyfriend he constantly says he proud of me or that he is excited for us to see how it is going to change us. what i dont get though is that it is not us that is changing it is me and i see us the same. my family and friends are all afraid to eat in front of me that is what bothers me the most !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and me well i have got in to the habit of what is on my plate that i do not eat i throw on the boyfriends plate and he sure dont need it he is a diabetic .

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