I had my gastric bypass surgery on June 3rd, 2008. That was almost exactly five months ago. Over the past five months I have had so many stages of emotions surrounding the surgery. I have gone from excited-sad-scared- ecstatic-regretful- my emotions surrounding the surgery have finally evened out. The surgery and my new "pouch" have finally just become second nature and not something I have to think about every second of every day.

I had two strictures and very low vitamin counts so I had three additional hospital stays after my surgery. It was during those times that I was asking myself "Why did I do this to myself." I feel great about the surgery now and I am learning to love my body again. Even with the loosening skin! I had high blood pressure before surgery and it went away within two weeks of having the surgery. This tool is definitely amazing! Right now, I seem to be at a stalled point. I am only losing about a pound a week- if at all. I know the weight loss will pick back up and I am definitely still positive about it. I hope that other people have great success with their surgery and I have found so much comfort on this website. My surgeon and her whole staff is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great surgeon in Arizona!

I look forward to meeting more people on this site who are utilizing various weight loss tools. Good luck to everyone! Don't hesitate to say hello!

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