Barry Haicken

"I had my first appointment on 8/15/03. I met with his nurse. I watched a video then talked with her. She went over my health history. She was nice. I had to sign an agreement stating that if I called their office I would have to pay a 10.00 fee . They feel that there are enough support out there that you can get answers from place's like She had given me script's for the testing. They do not want info until you have All of the results. Then you can mail them or hand carry them. You must follow their rules or else. I was a little disappointed that I did not get to meet the doctor. They are very business like and you are to do as they say........No Bones about it. Please note this is my own personal impression & feelings. Jan 15, 04 I met Dr. Haicken and he seems to be a highly knowledgeable doctor. I was approved by him for the surgery. So that means that my health is good. April 09,04 SH-h-h-h-h-h my date is a secret.When I got to the hosp to get my filter in. They had requested a surgery date. I told them I had none. They asked for me to call Dr, Haicken's office and get a date. The girl that answered the phone was rude. She told me that when I get my filter in they will give me a date. I tried to explain that I am at the Hosp., waiting to go in but they said they need a date. She went on about the importance of the filter. Well DUHHHHHHHHHHHH. then she took my name and number and told me somebody will call me. I hoped I didn't get charged $10.00 to get chewed Now here I am in recovery. the doctor came by to check on me and asked me if I had a date for them yet. I told them it had to be top secret. He then told his nurse to have me call before I leave. Oh NO NOT THIS AGAIN. Well I called and again. Got the same treatment. I tried to explained that the doctor (that put the filter in) wanted a date before I left today and it was not me. The nurse standing there was so shocked to hear what was said. I don't understand why they have to be so rude. If it wasn't for the Obese these little office girls would not have a job. MAY 10,2004 Well now since I have had the surgery. The office staff is nicer. I don't know maybe they had an off day. Words can't express the feeling that I feel for Dr. Haicken. He is giving me back my life. Oh! I even have a pretty incission. If there is a such. LOL..... It isn't too bad at all. At this point I even had little pain. So far all is well. DR.HAICKEN I LOVE YOU..... THANK YOU. May 24, 2004 Had staples removed & even the bar that Dr. Haicken puts in. All is well and yes I have found a new freedom. "No More Staples". Oh I feel so much better. "

Robert Dean

"Dr. Dean is a sweet, understanding, caring doctor and has hung in there for years with me for the approval battle. Dr. Dean has always been there for me. His office staff is very sweet and supportive. "

W.McDowell Anderson

"He took his time and answered all of my questions."
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