pam21 16 years ago

Sherry I knew you would do it girl! I know you are getting awesome care! Love ya, miss ya, Pam

Marie R. 16 years ago

Hey there Sherry! Today is your day! I hope all goes well with you and your surgery - you're in great hands so I'm sure it will!! Here's to a recovery that is a "non-event" so you can get on with living and enjoying a healthier, fuller life! Congrats on your big decision and your new life!! Cheers, Marie

twins4meplus1 16 years ago

Thinking of you on Tuesday Sherry! Here's to a routine surgery with no complications. Welcome to the losers bench. Linda

Erin A. 16 years ago

I am thinking of you Sherry - you're gonna do GREAT! I have a place on the loser's bench for you right beside me!!! Here's to a textbook surgery and a quick & complication free recovery!!

MaggieDee 16 years ago

Hi Sherry! WOW you must be in a spin now! I'll see you in a couple days, you'll be an old pro by the time I get there! All the best, you're gonna' be awesome! Sending all good vibes for a smooth and speedy recovery. {{HUGZZZZ}}

narhik 16 years ago

You are going to do awesome. You are a strong women and it is that strenght that will get you through.... I am here for you if you need anything....

Marleymeluv 16 years ago

Best of luck on your surgery,and a speedy recovery. Debbie

Jen B. 16 years ago

I will be thinking good thoughts for you on Tuesday! I miss you already! Jen
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