I am seeing my surgeon on june 7th, I go for my consult. Then after that we shall see what I will progress to. I have been overweight since puberty. I have currently lost weight and then have gained back about 18pnds of my 100 pnd weight loss. I did optifast. So I think I will be okay if I have to liquid it after surgery, it's not a big deal for me since I did it for a year. I have researched a lot about WLS and after 3 years I am planning to hopefully get to my goal weight and keep it off. I am very excited about this but also very nervous of the surgery and the changes that come with it but I know that I am ready and want to do things that my weight limits me to do.(like get into a bathing suit, hike and play tennis) I hoping to meet new friends on this site and I hope they can encourage me and I them through ths progression. We are all on our way to healthiness..

June 14, 2006

I had my psych evaluation done today, went well but they sure ask a lot of weird questions. I guess they want to make sure your mentally okay. I now wait 2 weeks and then should get a letter in the mail. When that is done they send it to the insurance for approval. Things are going pretty quickly. So hoping to get surgery maybe by end July at least that was their guesstimate. So I wait, I will be attending a class soon.

July 6th, 2006

Well today I got my approval and surgery date it is July 28th. I am so happy and excited about this and yet a little nervous. I have to visit with my nutrionist, and see the doctor as well as do the rest of the tests required before surgery. Like a chest X-ray, EKG and my cross blood match. My surgery is going to be performed at Cedar Sinai, which I hear is a great hospital. My family and friends are excited. But my parents are feeling scared and nervous for me, I reassured my parents and told them not to worry I feel like I am in good hands with Dr. Quillici. I feel like finally I might be able to suceed in weight loss with the help of surgery and of course following my surgeons guidelines. I am just so truly happy what a great day!!!

Aug 2, 2006

I am just three days out from my surgery, and feeling pretty good.
The hospital staff at Cedar Sinai was great, Dr Quilici was very kind and when you needed him he called you back if you had any problems. The first day coming home on sunday was a little tough had a little fever and had minor side pains. It's somewhat normal after only 2 days from surgery. I went into the hospital with 5 other people from my support group, some of us where on the same floor so we walked together on our laps and talked about what we were going through. At first in the hospital after surgery, when I was going through the pain and at home, I thought to myself what the heck did I just do to my body. I had a bit of doubts but every day gets better and I know in the long run that it was the best thing I did for myself. I had some troubles on monday with some vomiting but I think I might have pushed myself with my vitamins and some butterbut squash soup(Recommended by the nutritionist). But I am learning when my new tummy is hungry and what it likes and does not like. Well I am just trekking on and seeing how the days will progress. I am just going to take it easy and recover.

August 14, 2006
Well I am recovered and am doing well started going back to work a week after my surgery and doing good. Got my staples out last wed. healing fine and LOST 25pnds Yeah!!! I am learning to eat with my new pouch. It's kind of a new concept eating 2 oz 3x a day. It's just something I am learning. I feel very energized and am increasing my walking to help with the weight loss process. I do miss drinking a lot of water and gulping instead of sipping. I have had a lot of support from my support group of 4 that had the surgery the same day . It has helped when we exchanged phone numbers and support each other thru the process. Hope to put pictures up soon.

September 25, 2006

Okay I am almost 2mnths out from surgery and down 38 pnds. It has been going a little slow but am happy with the results so far. I am down 3 dress sizes and happy. I have trouble sometimes with chicken getting stuck. But I can handle most of the foods. Fruit and veggies are good and they help keep me regular. I need to increase my excersise it is hard because of work but I need not to make excuses and continue on. I also take my vitamins and drink my water and get the protein in so I will have no hair loss. So far so good with my hair. Nioxin shampoo is great and biotin also. My mom is my hair supplier since she is a hair stylist. Thanks mom. I will post some new pictures as soon as I get some this weekend it's my b-day this week 38 here I come. 

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