My Fresh Start...

Oct 23, 2010

I have no clue how to update this page so I am just going to write everything in here..
After a yr of ups and downs ins an outs I FINALLY got my weight loss surgery. On October 19th 2010 I had the gastric sleeve. My surgery stay was only overnite I was able to get up an walk around only a few hours after my surgery and had no pain. My weight going in was 362lbs @ 5ft4 I just turned 27 on oct 17th so the change couldnt have come any sooner!! It is only 4days out of surgery so I have not weighed myself but I have noticed my feet havent been swollen since the surgery when before they were always swollen and hurt! I have no medical problems just being morbidly overweight was enough for the surgery! I will try and make updates as much as I can I do work full time and I am also a single parent of 2 sons so I am always very busy! Thanks to all the people on here who have given me advice an supported me. I am also here for anyone else who would like to talk!! Thank you!!


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